“Goal Setting – Your Life’s Purpose and Direction”




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Your Lifes Purpose and Direction


“Goal Setting – Your Life’s Purpose and Direction”


Have you really planned for the goals you wish to achieve in life and do you have mile markers in place to determine where you are at any given time? Do your plans consist of detours that you might have to take, as the result of things not going according to plans?

If you don’t have plans in place for the direction and goals for your life, you’re not living life, you’re only going through life. You’re sleepwalking and not aware to the full potential of what could be.

Proclaim today as the day that you will diligently take control of your life and/or enhance it to become better in life. In so doing you’ll live with a purpose, which will give you something to live for. Set the goals today that will make you proud of tomorrow’s achievements.


What does this have to do with negotiations?

In a negotiation, you have to have plans and goals in place for the expected outcome of the negotiation. In addition, you definitely should have accounts for detours to take to avoid possible impasses. Just like in life, the better prepared you are in a negotiation, and the better you execute your plans, the greater the probability you’ll have a successful negotiation outcome … and everything will be right with the world.


Remember, you’re always negotiating!


Greg Williams,

The Master Negotiator &

Body Language Expert









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