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“The opportunities created are only as good as the negotiation skills used to devise them.” -Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert (Click to Tweet)

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“7 New Good Negotiation How-To Tips

To Increase Job Market Opportunities”

People don’t realize they’re always negotiating!

Currently, the job market is scorching in the U.S. It is an employee marketplace. That means there are many openings, giving a possible employee leverage to negotiate better opportunities as a potential new hire. But, to use the power of negotiation to enhance opportunities, one must know how to advantage oneself in its use.

So, as a recent graduate, career starter, or someone considering shifting positions from one employer to another, as you contemplate your opportunities, keep the following seven thoughts in mind:

1. You will constantly be negotiating daily.

You have done so every day throughout your life. But now, it may behoove you to become more aware and savvy of your interactions with others. In addition, since you will be entering a job market feeling the residue of Covid, supply chain issues, and inflation, you will have to become more astute at negotiations. It would be best if you did that to enhance your opportunities.

2. Understand and know your value.

Value is perceptive. That means what you consider your strong points may not be perceived by those you offer your services. To enhance your employment opportunity and advancement with an organization, know their perception of a valuable employee.

Companies are desperately looking for employees. As of this writing, there are excess demands for employees in the job market. Accordingly, it would benefit you to provide your services to companies more closely aligned with your persona and skillset. And the more you qualify employers to whom you offer your services, the faster you will connect with the best organization for whom to work.

So, since you are in the driver’s seat, be firm about your needs to work for a company and maintain flexibility. You can negotiate better offers by selecting your possible prime employers. Create an A, B, and C list. If luck matches your negotiation skills, you will never get to the B’s and C’s.

3. Be aware of your persona – the way you project yourself.

 And possess heightened awareness about how others perceive you. Sometimes, your physical characteristics can impact your message more than your message. Observe how people respond to you via their body language when communicating with them. That will give you a clue to how they perceive you. Suffice it to say, always be aware of your physical characteristics’ impact on others when you interact with them.

4. As you engage others, be mindful that today’s encounters influence future occurrences.

Meaning, the way you position yourself before and during discussions will determine how others deal with you in the future. So, if you present yourself as easy-going or challenging to deal with, that will be how others will perceive you in future endeavors. Regardless, attempt to leave your interactions with others in a peaceful state.  

5. Be aware of false premises – for example, would you like this or that.

When someone makes an offer, in the form of either-or, they limit your possibilities. Always consider a proposal from several points of view; some may be more beneficial to you. So by examining an offer from other perspectives, you will create greater possibilities for yourself.

6. Do not be afraid to stand up for yourself.

You may feel your superiors have more experience and insights than you. That does not mean that they cannot learn from you. So, if you make a proposal and someone rejects it, remember no only means no for the moment. Adding more perceived value to your offer makes it more acceptable. Keep your resilience alive. That will fortify you with the will and courage to always forge ahead.  

7. Anticipate the unexpected.

That may sound like an oxymoron, but it is not. The better you can anticipate occurrences that may occur in the future, the better prepared you will become to address them.

Thus, by considering situations ahead of time that might require you to display keen negotiation tactics, you will appear more confident when engaging in those situations. Doing so will also allow you to project the persona of someone endowed with greater self-confidence than those at your level – the implication being that you can perform at higher levels.    


As with any endeavor you engage in, job market, a new position, or the same position with greater responsibilities, the greater your negotiation skills, the greater your opportunities. So, listen to what people tell you to hear when they speak. That will give you guidance about what is important to them.

The preceding information will assist you greatly in that endeavor and increase your opportunities. But they will do so only to the degree you adhere to them. Once you do, you will find even more opportunities to take your career to a level that may have previously been unimaginable. And everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you’re always negotiating! 

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