Before Negotiating Increase Your Perceived Value

Before negotiating, do you consider how you can increase your perceived value? You can do so from a self-perspective and an outward projection. There are simple strategies you can utilize to ensure you always come away from the negotiation table with more, versus less. This article gives insights into strategies you can employ to increase your perceived value and achieve better outcomes when you negotiate. To increase your perceived value …

  1. Prior to negotiating, do a self-assessment from the perspective of how strong your negotiation skills are in comparison to the other negotiator. Consider how adept you are at utilizing the appropriate strategies in the appropriate situations. By making an accurate assessment of your skills, you’ll be better positioned to present your perspective more accurately as you negotiate. Knowing your ‘real’ capabilities will allow you to increase the perceived value you have of yourself, which should translate into a better performance at the negotiation table.
  2. To enhance the perception of perceived value, view yourself through the eyes of the other negotiator. Ask yourself, what does she see in me? What value does she perceive me to have and why is that value important to her? Do this from the perspective of what the two of you are negotiating. Then, consider the personal factor, which entails your likability, ease at which you are to deal with, or the opposite of both. Be honest with yourself as you make this assessment.
  3. Assess the other negotiator from the perspective of how good a negotiator she is. If in doubt, give her more credit for the skills she may possess. You can compensate for her lack of skills, by being magnanimous during the negotiation, if such compensation is necessary. In so doing, you will increase your perceived value in her eyes.
  4. Once you’re at the negotiation table, display through your knowledge of the situation at hand that you’ve done your homework. Don’t be overbearing. Display your knowledge for that which you’re negotiating in the appropriate manner and at the appropriate time. If the situation requires a quick decision, make one quickly. You’ll be subliminally displaying the fact that you’ve thought the situation through thoroughly, which in turn will project the fact that you’re confident and prepared. Such actions will translate nonverbally into a higher level of your perceived value.

To increase your perceived value, understand what may be lacking in the negotiation and fill the void. Be very attuned to the other negotiator’s shortcomings. Also, be very understanding and forgiving where appropriate. By being prepared with facts, proper data, and displaying the appropriate demeanor during the negotiation, your perceived value will rise continuously throughout the negotiation … and everything will be right with the world.

The Negotiation Tips Are …

  • Since value is perceptional, always consider the demeanor that goes into the makeup of perceived value. You can possess all the self-value in the world and if you’re perception is not shared by the other negotiator, you’re nothing more than a legend in your own mind.
  • Be mindful of the approach you use when negotiating. Using the wrong tactic or strategy in the wrong situation will decrease your perceived value and could cause your negotiation position to become weakened.
  • There will be times when your assessment of your value greatly differs from that in which the other negotiator views you. If the chasm is too deep, consider what you can quickly do to alter the perception. As a FYI, you should have thought about this potential dilemma in the planning stages of the negotiation.
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