“You Can Rise in Life and When Negotiating”


You can rise by negotiating better


Are you seeking to go further in life? To move higher, first, know where you are. That becomes your starting point to ascension.

Understand you got where you are in life due to the actions you took to get there. If you don’t like where you are, take actions to get somewhere else. You haven’t arrived at your final destination, don’t act like it. Keep rising!

What’s keeping you from being reborn and becoming a new you? If you want it badly enough, you can rise! Since we make our on heaven and hell right here on earth and you’re the one in charge of your destiny, why not choose to rise?

It’s not where you are that should determine your self-value, instead place your perspective on what you can become. Use that thought as a source of inspiration, motivation, determination to drive yourself forward. Rise!

Seek help from those that genuinely care about you. While seeking, remember that assistance can come in many forms. Look for help in different forms and embrace it once it reveals itself to you. Rise!

Don’t sit idled feeling besieged, hopeless, bedraggled, set upon, or downtrodden. Rise! Feel uplifted, spirited, bountiful, glorified, with a sense of purpose. Let your life adopt life-meaning. Be upward bound, enlightened, and always keep rising!



What does this have to do with negotiations?

In the midst of a negotiation (you’re always negotiating), things can appear to be greater than they are. The further you get away from them the less impact they have. Thus, when surrounded by adversity in a negotiation, attempt to defuse it by making it smaller in your mind’s eye. In so doing you’ll be mentally controlling the degree it influences you. Thus, control it and you control your mind. Control your mind and you control the negotiation. Control the negotiation and you control your fate. The point is, you’re in control of what you say, see, and do. Thus, control you!

Remember, out of adversity can come growth. Thus, no matter how bad a negotiation may become, seek ways to rise above it and you’ll achieve more in the process. Shut off the noise. Close down the negative. Rise … and everything will be right with the world.


Remember, you’re always negotiating!



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