Body Language and Physiognomics

“Micro Macro Expressions Deception Detection – How To Win More Negotiations” – Negotiation Insights

If you want to know how to detect deception, lies, the secrets lie within this article. You will discover insights about micro expressions, which will unlock the gestures people make when they lie. You will also uncover the difference between them and macro expressions. Knowing the difference is valuable in negotiations and other aspects of your life.

“Body Language – How To Avoid Conflict And Win More Negotiations” – Negotiation Insight

People do not just burst into flames when negotiating. It is a heating-up process. And to avoid the conflict that comes from that, you must know the body language signs that foretell pending conflict. This article highlights body language signals to observe to prevent conflict in your negotiations.

“Avoid Negotiation Failure – Body Language Advice – Proven Ways On How To Win More” – Negotiation Insight

To win more negotiations, you must avoid the traps that lead to failure. Some of those traps are exposed by reading body language. And you can read it whether you are on the phone or in person. Continue to learn how.

“5 Big Mistakes Bad Negotiators Absolutely Make When They Negotiate” – Negotiation Tip of the Week

You can make negotiation mistakes when you negotiate. But understand the position you place yourself in when you make #BadMistakes as a #BadNegotiator. In this episode, you will discover how to prevent that from happening to you.

“Astonishing Advice About The 7 Body Language Micro-Expression Signs That Announce Negotiation Danger” – Negotiation Tip of the Week

Reading micro expressions is like reading someone’s most inner thoughts – the ones they would like to keep hidden. In this episode, you will discover how to read micro expressions and avoid danger in your negotiation.

“This Is How Video Negotiations Can Make You A Good Negotiator” – Negotiation Tip of the Week

You can have better negotiation outcomes by negotiating in the right environment. Continue to discover how you can become a good negotiator by having your negotiations via video.

“Misperception Can Kill Your Negotiations – Here Is How To Stop It” – Negotiation Insight

Whenever you become confused, question how you got to that point. Then, ask yourself if misperception led you to your current state. Doing so will help you clear your mind while hopefully reducing your confusion. Continue to learn more.

“Reading Body Language – How To Make Better Decisions When Negotiating” – Negotiation Tip of the Week

To make better decisions, you need better information. And to get better information, you need to read body language to uncover hidden information. Continue reading, and you will discover how to do that,

“How To Win More Negotiations By Reading Body Language” Negotiation Tip of the Week

By reading body language, you gain more insight into someone’s unspoken thoughts. During a negotiation, that skill is invaluable. Continue to discover a few gestures you should note in your negotiations.

“What Hidden Value Is There In Being A Better Negotiator” – Negotiation Insight

There is hidden value in becoming a better negotiator. But you will not know what that value is until you increase your negotiation skills. Discover how to do that in this article.

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