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“When perilous times are pending, be decisive in your actions. Because those actions will determine your future.” -Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert (Click to Tweet)

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“Coronavirus–Recession – How To Negotiate In A Dangerous World”

One blindsided us – the Coronavirus. The other shouldn’t – the recession that’s coming. Regardless, that’s a one-two gut punch that will drop a lot of unprepared people. Yes! We are moving into a dangerous new world. What are you doing to prepare for what’s to come? There are ways you can mitigate risks. If you ask how – the answer is – by increasing your negotiation skills. And don’t you dare smirk at that!

With people’s worldwide mobility threatened, due to the Coronavirus, and a recession looming on the horizon, now is the time to become aggressive about increasing your negotiation abilities. That’s not frivolity. That’s a fact!

People around the world will have to become accustomed to a new normal, one that’s fraught with restrictions. It will contain a realignment of values, norms, and acceptance of beliefs. And those restrictions will become the hidden sources of advancement for those whose negotiation skills can meet those future challenges.

The following are thoughts to consider and a few beginning ways that you can use to increase your negotiation skills.


She didn’t realize it. But she’d just done severe damage to her negotiation outcome. And that was due to how she’d positioned herself – the way others saw her.

The way you position yourself before you enter into a negotiation is another component that indicates how successful your negotiation efforts and results will be. With the pending realignment of world values and perspectives, you know what’s coming – a downturn in economic opportunities. So how will you position yourself to take advantage of what will be a new normal? How do you wish those that you’ll interact with to view you? That’s a decision that you have to make based on the goals you’d like to achieve. You have a runway of time to begin formulating that perception. Use time wisely to create the image that’ll serve you best going forward!


Questions are the gateway to deeper enlightenment. Thus, the questions you ask determine the degree you’ll become enlightened. Asking the right question(s) has several components to them. They cause the questionee to become reflective (i.e., go into thought-mode), excite that individual with an implied benefit to acquire something he seeks, or suggest a ‘better outcome’ if that person adheres to your suggestion(s). And those components don’t have to exist in the same question. They can be interspersed with one another or used in a standalone form.

Then, there are different forms of questions that you can use to uncover secrets and other concealments. You’d use them to gain more significant insights about the information that you can use to advantage your position.

Assumptive/Implied questions – Assumptive questions give the impression that you know more than you’re disclosing. You use them to nudge someone into giving you more information. If you’re bargaining with someone over price, you might ask, how much did you lower the cost when you dealt with ‘x’? The assumption implied is, you’re aware that the seller lowered the price in the past. Even if he said he didn’t reduce it, you’ve gained additional information. From there, it might behoove you to test him further to validate his claim.  

Regurgitated questions – Use this type of inquiry when seeking to verify the truth. To do that, when you recite someone’s responses, alter them. As an example, if a person responded to a previous question by stating he was in a red car on the night in question, later in the conversation, you could ask him about the blue car that he mentioned. And then, either keep speaking or pause momentarily –  what you do at that point would be based on the degree you already thought his statement was suspect.

You intentionally mention the wrong color of the car to see if he corrects your misrepresentation of what he’d stated (i.e., red car instead of a blue car). If he doesn’t correct you, based on what else you may have noted that you’ve questioned, you would have garnered information about the believability of his declarations.   

Response to questions – You should also be aware of how people respond to your questions. As an example, if I ask you what time did you do that, and your response is, it was late, you responded, but you’ve not answered my question. You might not have known what time it was, or you may have been attempting to avoid answering an inquiry that you didn’t want to disclose. Be alert when this occurs. And explore further if you sense there’s more to uncover.

What To Do Now:

Practice your negotiation abilities. Do that by asking for small increments in any activity you negotiate. As an example, if you’re in a store that you’re almost positive would not give you a discount, ask for one anyway. Even if you don’t achieve it, you’ll gain insights from the lessons learned (i.e., did you ask the right person, what was the initial response you received, how did you respond, was the situation right for that time, etc.). You can take that feedback to hone your negotiating abilities moving forward. And practicing is just a tiny nuance to enhancing those skills. For further enhancements, read, listen to negotiation podcasts, and observe others as they’re negotiating. Take note of the tactics they use, with whom they use them, and the outcomes they receive. There’ll be a wealth of knowledge contained in that activity.


Authorities are already restricting the movements of their citizens in parts of the world due to the Coronavirus. They’re telling their citizenry to stock up on provisions and limit outdoor activities. That’s the beginning of the challenging times to come. Next will be the recession.

The clock has stopped ticking. And the proverbial bomb has gone off. Make sure you insulate yourself from the recession fallout that’ll follow. Do that by enriching your negotiation skills. And for you, everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you’re always negotiating!

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