Do You Leak Secret Through Body Language When Negotiating


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Do you leak vital information through your body language when negotiating? Are you aware that you emit signals that may appear to be unperceivable, but in reality are insightful clues to what you’re thinking, during a negotiation?

Without knowing it, some negotiators allow their negotiation tactics and strategies to be leaked, by the manner in which they convey information. Some think, as long as they don’t utter words that depict their thoughts, no one will know the inner workings of their mind. They’re wrong! The body never lies and it’s a great barometer to the thoughts that are occurring inside someone’s mind.

To prevent from leaking secrets in your negotiations, and to find out how you can benefit from observing such occurrences of the other negotiator, observe the following.

How information is leaked:

When people are in a relaxed mode, they give life to nonverbal actions (body language) in a manner that’s normal to them. During such a state, if you observe the body language exhibits they display, you’ll glimpse how they react in nonthreatening environments; you’ll be able to see how they use their body to express their thoughts, ideas, and responses. Based on the manner in which they react to situations while in that state of mind, you can set markers from which to compare, when they’re in a more formal/negotiation environment. Through such comparisons, you’ll be able to note differences between when they’re stressed and when they achieve a higher level of excitement. In either case, their body language will serve as a barometer to the thoughts that promote their behavior.

How to prevent from leaking information:

You can prevent the leaking of information by being consistent with the mannerisms you display before and during a negotiation. Such actions will require discipline and a knack for displaying an even mindedness (not showing variances in your behavior) in environments where the other negotiator might be able to glean insight into your body language usage.

How to detect and benefit from the other negotiator’s leakage:

In order to seize upon the leaking of the other negotiator’s information, observe how he communicates (phone, writing, and/or in person). Note the differences that occur in his style of communication when you’re discussing a topic that’s sensitive, versus one that is more lighthearted. In noting such differences, you’ll gain insight into what he wishes to guard and that which is less important. You’ll catch him leaking information, which you can use throughout the negotiation.

People leak information every day in every aspect of their lives. In most cases, such actions are harmless.

Once you become astute at recognizing information leakage, you’ll possess a heightened awareness. You’ll become more vigilant as to the state of mind others possess when negotiating, which will give you a huge advantage during the negotiation … and everything will be right with the world. Remember, you’re always negotiating.

The Negotiation Tips Are …

  • Information leakage in any form can hamper a negotiation. Don’t let the lack of knowledge about body language usage be the cause of your negotiation efforts to become threaten.
  • A good speaker friend of mine, Tommy Hilcken, recently wrote in a publication, “Every conflict is a set of opposing ideas.” By controlling the information you leak during a negotiation, you reduce the potential liability that could lead to conflict.
  • Always strive to control the flow of information in a negotiation, before presenting it. To the degree you control your body language, you’ll be better positioned to control the leakage of information.
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