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“To truly know one’s self is to know one’s emotional triggers.”-Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert (click to Tweet)

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“How To Increase Your Emotional Awareness To Win More Negotiations”

People don’t realize they’re always negotiating.

This negotiation is going nowhere, and I’m not going to continue with you! Call your superior and tell them I want to negotiate with someone else. The response was, call them yourself. And with that, bang went the emotional explosion in the negotiation. Both negotiators had lost their emotional awareness perspective. That led to the negotiators shouting at one another as the negotiation soared faster towards its demise.

When was the last time you found yourself caught by the exertions of emotional awareness in your negotiation? Were you aware of when it started, its exact source? Emotions determine the outcome of one’s negotiation efforts. That makes controlling emotions an integral part of the negotiation process. Continue and discover how you can become more masterful at maintaining emotional control in your negotiations and how doing so will increase your win rate.

Recognizing Triggers

Triggers are emotional tripwires that can lead to emotional booby traps. And once a word, a phrase, or thought trips the wire, it can unleash a torrent of unforeseen emotions spewing in the direction of perceived foes and allies. Some of those actions may become regretted due to what one later encounters.

To honestly know one’s self is to understand the emotional triggers that control one’s emotions. That means you must know your triggers, how and when they become activated, and how to deactivate them to erode the possibility of them harming your situations. When triggered during negotiations, and you sense a change in the talks, either excuse yourself for any potential harm your statement might have done or take a break. You want to make sure you can control the triggering that’s occurred to manage your emotions.

Beware Of Negative Energy

Thoughts and words produce energy – and negative energy can lead to negative emotions. Always be conscious of that. It can lead to negative actions before one has the opportunity to control those actions. It can kill a negotiation.

One aspect of negative energy that you might heighten your awareness about is its source, how long you carry it, and what actions it produces in you. You’ve more than likely heard the phrase, misplaced aggression. That occurs when bubbling anger is born in one situation and allowed to leak into another. In essence, because someone has encountered negativity in one environment, they carry it into the subsequent encounter they have and so on.

To curtail the eruption of negative energy occurring in you and causing your situations to pay the penalty, note when something happens that causes you to feel downtrodden. The sooner you recognize and identify your mind-shift, the sooner you can prevent that mindset from morphing into the following situations. And that’s the key. Just because you encounter negative energy doesn’t mean you have to ride your emotions until it’s ready to depart you. You can eject it from your environment. That increased emotional awareness will allow you to control your settings and lead to more winning negotiations.   

Pump The Brakes

1. Moments Of Reflection

When I was a kid, my parents told me to count to ten when I became angry. Initially, I didn’t understand what counting to ten would do to reduce my anger. But as I aged, I came to realize that counting to ten refocused my mind momentarily. And in that momentary state of deflection, I was not focusing on my source of anger.

My parents gave me a tool to pump the brakes on my emotional upheavals. Accordingly, I suggest you create processes that will allow you to stem the tide of emotions that lead to unwanted places in your negotiations and life. Because by breaking the cycle of building anger, you’ll have greater emotional awareness. And that will lead you to loftier places in life.    

2. Keep Open Mind

I know it can be challenging to think when you’re in the heat of an argument rationally, but that’s the time when you must maintain greater emotional awareness of your senses. You can do that by possessing a heightened sense of attention to your state of mind when you’re triggered. You can also achieve that level of understanding by noting the degrees your emotions rise.

The point is, in a negotiation, you’re very likely to incur periods where your emotions will become charged. That’s from a positive and negative perspective. It would help if you controlled both sides of those emotions, even though they’re at the opposite ends of the spectrum. You must do so because an emotional high can lead to distress if its cause suddenly evaporates, and you view the opposing negotiator as the source of that occurrence.

If you found yourself in a negative mindset, you might harbor ill will towards the opposition and assess blame to them for your sense of forlornness. The truth doesn’t have to lie in reality. It becomes your perspective based on your present emotionally warped state of mind. And that’s why you must be aware of the ups and downs you encounter throughout a negotiation.   


During negotiations, one must always maintain emotional awareness. Once that’s neglected, a negotiator’s opportunity to increase their win rate decreases drastically. That negotiator also carries an additional burden during the negotiation.

Suffice it to say, to enhance emotional awareness in negotiations and all aspects of one’s life, one must know oneself. That means, once you do, you’ll check your emotions before they become uncontrollable. That’ll become your source of an increasing negotiation win rate. And everything will be right with the world.  

Remember, you’re always negotiating!

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