How To Successfully Negotiate in Social Media Environments

How do you negotiate in social media environments? It’s definitely different than negotiating face-to-face, or over the phone. When negotiating in social media environments, you have to become more observant of the style of writing and the personality traits of the other negotiator. You also have to observe the social media culture in which you negotiate. What, you don’t consider yourself as negotiating when you’re exchanging information via social media. Think again. You’re always negotiating!

Continue reading to uncover the impact that your social media activities have on your future earnings, promotions, and life in general. You’ll discover how you can position yourself against negativity and improve everything in your life when negotiating in such environments.

  1. Style of writing:
    1. Do you pay attention to how people communicate in writing? When you begin to exchange information in social media sites, observe the jargon that’s used, and observe how those with whom you negotiate formulate their thoughts. In particular, observe how they communicate in joyful situations, how they communicate in stressful situations, and how they communicate when they’re in situations that are normal for them. What you’re observing is the variances between these states of mind, which will allow you to detect what mode they’re in during a negotiation.
  2. Personality traits:
    1. Everyone has personality traits that are a combination of variables that are based on the experiences they’ve had in life. When you negotiate in social media environments, especially as you negotiate with those from cultures in which you were not reared, take time to learn and understand their culture. More importantly, take time to understand them and that which they value in life. Then, as you negotiate, do so from the value proposition that they possess.
  3. Social media culture:
    1. Every social media platform has a culture. Some tolerate more shenanigans, while others serve as an exchange for serious purposes. By knowing the culture of the social media platform in which you negotiate, you get insight into the mental state possessed by the other negotiator. That’s to say, there’s a reason why he may negotiate in one environment versus another. In detecting his level of seriousness, you also glimpse the level of expectation he possess. After all, someone that wants to buy a Mercedes doesn’t go to a Ford dealership to make such a purchase.

People will cast the impression they wish you to perceive in social media environments more readily than in face-to-face environments. As we quicken the pace by which we communicate, we must adopt greater skills of intuitiveness. We must be keener of mind about nonverbal activities and be attuned to that which conveys meaning, even though words are not spoken, and in some cases, sight is unseen.

By focusing on the variables mentioned in this article, you will become more astute when negotiating in social media environments. You’ll be quick to decipher nuances that give insight into the intentions of the other negotiator. You’ll win more social media negotiations … and everything will be right with the world.

The Negotiation Tips Are …

  • Since people don’t have physical interactions in social media environments, it becomes easier to disagree and argue. To verify if the other negotiator is feigning a disagreeable demeanor, compare his disagreeable writings to those of calmer times. His writings will give insight into the validity of his demeanor.
  • Most people follow the ‘code of conduct’ in the social media environment in which they participate. As such, be very aware of what the ‘norm’ is for that environment. By doing so, you’ll possess a measuring point to which you can compare a negotiator’s behavior to that of the norm of the group.
  • Each message you tweet and comment you make in social media environments has the potential to help or hurt you. Always consider what you write and/or do in such areas and reflect upon the consequences of your actions.
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