​Negotiation Skills C​onsultant Greg Williams

It’s human nature to want more. More success, more money, more happiness. But in the quest for “more”, many people end up feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and downtrodden.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. The Master Negotiator offers one-on-one negotiation skills ​consulting to help you achieve your “more”—in business, and in life.

Negotiation Skills ​You'll Learn Include:

  • ​Preparing for negotiations
  • ​Negotiation strategies
  • ​How to use emotional intelligence to be persuasive
  • ​How to read an opponent’s body language
  • ​How to test an opponent’s offer
  • ​How to make Win/Win deals
  • ​How to detect and use Micro Expressions to validate offers and determine the best time to pursue a course of action or back off
  • ​Much more!

Get a $500 Co​nsulting Session with Greg—FREE!

Get More Of What You Want—In Business, And In Life!

Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator and Body Language Expert, is an experienced speaker, trainer and author. He is committed to giving each client the time and attention he or she wants and deserves. Greg can help you improve your business negotiation skills, sales skills, and personal relationships. So you can get your “more”… with less stress.

​Greg Will Help You...

  • ​Identify micro expressions to discover if someone is not telling the truth
  • ​Read Body Language to
    get better deals
  • ​Discover ways to evaluate offers
  • ​Improve stamina in a negotiation so you don’t fall victim to traps
  • ​Increase confidence in
    a negotiation
  • ​Preparing for negotiations
  • ​Make continuous progress toward goals
  • ​Become more effective and productive as a result of negotiating better
  • ​Achieve more in life by using Emotional Intelligence during negotiations
  • ​Get more of what you want – in business, and in life!

Get a $500 Co​nsulting Session with Greg—FREE!

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