​Negotiation Speaker and Body Language Expert

Why do attorneys, business owners, human resources professionals and pharmaceutical representatives turn to The Master Negotiator?

Because Greg goes beyond simple negotiation strategies — he explains how body language and emotional intelligence affect the process. His experience and proven results in negotiation skills and body language, combined with his knowledge of emotional intelligence and micro expressions, make Greg a sought-after speaker and trainer.

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The Master Negotiator: Knowledge and Experience

Greg is a dynamic speaker who engages and motivates audiences​ by using real-life examples gained from more than 30 years of studying and participating in negotiations to illustrate the principles he teaches.

Greg’s experience comes from formal negotiation settings, universities, governmental municipalities, seminars, and the school of hard knocks. He’s also spent more than 20 years studying the relationship between body language and negotiation. Greg is also a best selling author and a trusted media resource.

Discover the tactics and skills needed to close the sale, resolve conflict, and get more of what you want. Examples include power words, answering and asking questions, negotiating with people of authority, ethics, tactics to avoid, and more.

​Gain an edge in negotiations and improve personal relationships by reading and accurately interpreting body language. Discover the nonverbal cues that can tell you what a person really means—and if they may be lying! Combining this knowledge with Greg’s negotiation tactics will make you the master of any situation.

Get insight into ways to motivate someone to the outcome you want. Greg shares the secrets to monitoring emotional intelligence, and then using that information to guide someone’s thinking and behavior. Includes the relationship between emotional intelligence, negotiation, and body language.

​Find out what a person is really thinking, just by looking at his or her face. Micro expressions are the fleeting facial expressions people make that can show you what their words don’t say. Discover the seven commonly-recognized micro expressions, and how they relate to negotiation.

​Training Subjects are applicable for:

​Business Non-profit organizations Government Sales
Legal proceedings Procurement Human resources Everyday life
Personal situations (marriage, divorce, parenting, etc.)

bank of america
johnson and johnson
columbia club
city of tallahasse
City of Philadelphia
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"Your presentation was fantastic!!! You had the audience eating out of your hand. The material was right on the money. You are truly “The Master Negotiator”. I loved the role playing exercises and the energy that you conveyed during your presentation."

Mark Muschko,
Professional Support Group of Morris County (PSGMC)

"Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert really is a very dynamic speaker and presenter. During his presentation at the NY Business Expo, the premier event for business owners in the Northeastern US, Greg kept the audience’s attention riveted to his presentation, as he gave one fascinating insight about negotiation strategies, reading body language, micro expressions, and emotional intelligence after another."

​— Marc Sherer,
President, Event Management

​Bring The Master Negotiator in to speak at your next event

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