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“New Advice – Do You Know How To

Quickly Win Future Negotiations”

People don’t realize they’re always negotiating.

When considering present negotiation techniques, compared to future negotiation scenarios, technology will play a large part in shifting how negotiators interact with one another. Some of that will be due to the quickness of acquiring information and how a negotiator uses it. It will also be due to how quickly alliances can be formed and shifted based on the covenants of the negotiation.

The following highlights how future negotiations will differ from today’s negotiations, the components that will mandate those differences, and how you may enhance your future negotiation outcomes.  

Opponent’s Size

You should never underestimate the size of the other negotiator’s resources. And in future negotiations, size will matter more than in today’s environment. But in future negotiations, that edict will become more easily emboldened due to negotiators extending past today’s natural boundaries to form alliances with partners that have a vested interest in joining forces. And doing so will increase their power base.

When an opposing negotiator joins forces with like-minded, similar size or larger parties, the combined group may become better positioned to divide the powers of larger competing forces. And through that shift in alliances, future entities that lack the resources to compete in larger arenas today will be better positioned to offset more significant opponents.

Never omit the size and resources of the opposition. By including size and your opponent’s resources in your calculations for how you will deal with them, you will have positioned yourself better in your future negotiations.

Information Gathering In Future Negotiations

Gathering information on one’s negotiation opposition will become more accessible in future negotiations. That will make negotiation more or less cumbersome based on how a negotiator collects intelligence, assembles it, the insight and knowledge acquired from the information, and how one uses it.

There is a cliché stating, “knowledge is power.”  That is partially true – applied knowledge is what can give one power; they can control environments through the application of the knowledge they possess.

But there is a greater truth in information power that states an entity that controls the flow of pertinent information amass power based on its control.  

Because the wealth of information available via the internet continues to expand, access to pertinent information for negotiation will become easier. That will allow negotiators to gather more significant insights about their opponent. Having that information will grant the negotiator that arms themselves with it to advantage their position and do so more effectively.

Future Of Negotiation Framing

The framing of negotiation, what negotiators discuss, and the order in which negotiators present them, will determine how the negotiators proceed when engaging each other. Thus, negotiation framing is crucial. It alone can advantage one negotiator’s position versus another.

In future negotiations, framing will become more dynamic, which means that current social media tools will become enhanced. And that will allow future talks to have their frame shifted easier due to the utility of future tools used in social media.

With the utility of new social media tools, savvy negotiators will find it easier to position themselves in one light and their opponent in one that is less flattering. For example, a major phone manufacturer recently announced that they would install the ability to alter or cancel a previously sent text in their future devices.

Imagine that a negotiator committed a position to a member on the opposing side; later, they discovered it did not align with their goals and deleted the message. There would be no proof that the negotiator sent the text. At worse, that might cause consternation in the negotiation, but depending on the situation, that might be less damaging than what the text did. Regardless, that act would reframe the negotiation.

The Role Of Body Language In Future Negotiations

Body language always impacts negotiations. And that will become more prevalent in the future. Accordingly, good negotiators will increase their ability to decipher unspoken words and hidden thoughts to become better at negotiations. That will be accomplished by them improving their ability to read body language.  

Given that more negotiators are negotiating virtually and over phone lines, the acuteness of a negotiator’s meaning will become altered based on the utterance that starts an unfinished statement or offer. Being able to visually inspect how such hidden ideas are delivered and understanding what has transpired in the mind of one’s opposition will give the observer more insight as to what that opposition is contemplating.

That will allow the observer to shift their perspective of the negotiation. And that will provide the negotiator with heightened body language skills to enrich their position in future negotiations.


The process of negotiation has always shifted based on those involved. With the advancement in technology, future negotiations will change quickly. That will be due to the ever-increasing variables in the form of people negotiating from different parts of the globe and how they employ future tools.

Therefore, the characteristics of today’s negotiator will advance. For negotiators to be savvy in future negotiations, they will have to adapt even more by using methods that dictate a more significant change or perish using old negotiation techniques.

Accordingly, if you do not wish to go the route of the dinosaurs and instead seek to increase your future negotiation outcomes, you must become savvier to win future negotiations. You can accomplish that by enlisting the preceding information. And everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you’re always negotiating! 

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