Men and Women Do It Differently — Instant Access Video


Discover subtle and not-so-subtle differences in how men and women negotiate that can make or break a deal. Then get techniques to address those differences so you can become a more effective, confident and successful negotiator.

​Discover the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) differences in the way men and women negotiate that can make or break a deal!

​Watch the dynamic duo of Greg Williams and Mary A. Redmond demonstrate the subtleties of body language and micro-expressions. Uncover why someone gives you a bone-crushing handshake and how to disarm them. When negotiating, how close is too close to someone of the opposite sex? Know how to handle any situation when they say YES and their body screams NO!

Body Language

The body does not lie. You’ll have the advantage when you accurately read body language. Discover how to establish a baseline for interpreting body signals in a relaxed mode. You’ll know how to accurately react to defuse volatile or negative situations when stress builds.

Lying Eyes

The duo reveal secrets that law enforcement and FBI interrogators employ when grilling suspects to extract the truth. Notice how often others don’t really look you in the eyes and yet they are truthful. You’ll realize how to spot visual signals that indicate lies are sneaking out.

The Power of Voice

​Greg demonstrates the “power voice” to draw others to him and calm their fears. Mary illustrates the vocal mistakes that send people running out the door. Learn new vocal techniques so you can perfect your ideal volume, vocal variety and pitch.

​Mind Reading

​Imagine quickly sorting through the half-truths to uncover your mates real intention. Your life will change when Mary and Greg show you how to detect lies in others’ body language. Be a more effective communicator with colleagues, suppliers, bosses, a spouse or children. Don’t be fooled again when someone sends mixed messages.


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