Negotiate and Read Body Language Mem-Cards, 10-Pack


10-Pack: Negotiation & Body Language Strategies Mem-Cards. These cards will allow you to come out ahead in more of your negotiations!

​10-Pack: Negotiation & Body Language Strategies Mem-Cards! These cards will allow you to come out ahead in more of your negotiations!

Each section is color-coded to help you easily find:

Negotiation (Purple)
​Body Language (Gold)
​Emotional Intelligence (Green)
​Micro-Expressions (Red)

​Start with a question and flip over the card for answers and tips. The final card in each component has a call to action.

These cards will show you how to:

  • ​Prepare for negotiations
  • ​Strategize for successful negotiation outcomes
  • ​Be persuasive when negotiating
  • ​Read an opponent’s body language
  • ​Discover and use Micro Expressions
  • ​Utilize Emotional Intelligence to be more persuasive
  • ​Test an opponent’s offer
  • ​Make win/win deals when negotiating
  • And so much more!

To use these cards:

  • ​Focus on one card each day. Reflect on the topic and its application for at least 10 minutes.
  • ​Connect with someone by exchanging cads to prompt in-depth conversations.
  • ​Use in team meetings to expand discussions.
  • ​Give cards to team members and ask them to share their thoughts.

​Select cards to spark discussion with individual employees or to inspire collective enthusiasm.

It’s time for you to start coming out further ahead in all of your negotiations. You can keep Mem-Cards with you to do just that!


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