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Mastering Negotiations

Mastering Negotiations

Through Body Language and Other Nonverbal Signals

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HAVE YOU EVER noticed how a group of people can perceive a non-interpretive event completely differently? I’m not just talking about Mom and Dad having a differing opinion of which kid actually did more chores, or what little Susie was really wearing when she left for school two days ago. I’m talking about a very clear encounter, one that’s intense, and one that two or more people simply can’t remember factually the same later on.

There’s a famous experiment circulating around the web right now. In this experiment people are shown a series of car accidents and are later asked what they could remember. There was a surprising correlation between the answers given and how the questions were phrased. Some individuals remembered broken glass, for example, although there was none in the videos shown.

So what does this have to do with psychology and negotiations? Well, have you ever wondered why some negotiations fail? And have you ever considered that your body language and subliminal messaging play an important role in the deal’s progress, even if those messages were unintended or misinterpreted? I’m here to tell you that perception is reality, for you and everyone else you come in contact with. The experiment mentioned above was so ground breaking that it proved you only have to introduce one negative “vibe” into a negotiation to turn the tides against you. When something like this happens, it can be nearly impossible to recover from.