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Negotiate and Read Body Language

Negotiate and Read Body Language

10-Part Online Video Course by Greg Williams

10-Part Online Video Course by Greg Williams


Get an edge in any situation with negotiation and body language strategies to get what you want.

What You’ll Learn:

Class 1-2: Negotiation Psychology

Gain an edge in your negotiation by using emotional intelligence and other psychological techniques. Get tips to set the right psychological framework for negotiation.

Class 3-4: Characteristics of Negotiators

Increase your awareness of the signals and symbols you send and receive in a negotiation, and how different characteristics can be used as tools in a negotiation.

Class 5-6: Emotions and Body Language

Become a more perceptive negotiator by interpreting your opponent’s body language and microexpressions. Discover specific techniques for using emotions to further your objectives.

Class 7-8: Negotiation Strategies

Improve your chances for getting what you want with specific strategies to control the flow of a negotiation, including when and how to stop a negotiation session.

Class 9-10: Negotiation in the News

Learn from the mistakes and successes of others. Get real-world examples pulled straight from the news, to illustrate negotiation scenarios and the lessons to be learned from them.