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“Are You Better Or Worse Under A Pressure Deadline” – Sunday Negotiation Insight


“Pressure stems from how it’s perceived. To alter it, alter your perspective.” -Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert (Click to Tweet)



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Are You Better Or Worse Under A Pressure Deadline

I’ll ask you a question in a moment. It’s one that you should have a ready answer. Don’t analyze your response before stating it – answer it in your mind as soon as you read it. The question is, are you better or worse under a pressured deadline?

What was your first answer? Did you think of one before that? Okay. The last question was a trick. Because I asked about your first answer, therefore, there should not have been one before it. But sometimes, when you’re under pressure, you don’t think logically. And, in some cases, you don’t realize that you’re outside the boundaries of reasoning. That can lead to adverse outcomes.

Now that you’re more aware of the thought process you engaged in, analyze the first question I asked again. Are you better or worse under a pressured deadline? Do you have a different answer this time? If so, what caused you to change it? If it’s the same, what did you consider in not changing it? Even if you didn’t alter your response, what were some of your additional thoughts?

You should always be aware of how you perform under pressure and the circumstances that affect your performance. Stress impacts your thought process, which affects your performance. And deadlines impact pressure.

The following are ways that you can perform better under the pressure of deadlines and enhance your performance.


Psychology of Deadlines:

Mindset – Be keenly aware of how you act and react under pressure. You should be mindful of how different forms of stress impact your mind and performance too. If you’re aware of that, you’ll be better prepared to address the challenges that will confront you. Even when some of them appear in the form of surprises.

Self-actualization – There will be times when your actions are motivated by a drive to prove to yourself that you can achieve a goal. Even if you’re aware that you have other items with higher priorities, you may elevate a less critical task above them. Then, as the deadline approaches, to complete the other tasks, you find pressure building. And you like it!

The point to remember about self-actualization is, you have to balance it. Weigh it against the importance of addressing real priorities versus those you make up to challenge yourself. While there’s nothing wrong with challenging yourself, do it when it serves you best. Don’t create unnecessary stress for yourself.

Competition – In some environments, you’re more competitive than in others. Know what motivates you to become more competitive in specific situations. And determine what position you’ll play in that competitive game.

Here’s the point. Others can create stress in you but only if you allow them. So, if you determine how you’ll react in environments where someone attempts to motivate you by pitting others against one another, you can choose to participate or not. You’re the one in control of your thoughts, your mind, and your actions. So, control yourself.


What does this have to do with negotiations?


Deadlines are constant tools that negotiators attempt to employ in a negotiation. They do so because it stimulates pressure. And, good negotiators are aware that people respond differently to pressure. Thus, a good negotiator knows how to exact action by exciting pressure points. She does so based on the activities she wants her opponent to enact.

If you want to become a more efficient negotiator, always consider how you’ll use deadlines to induce pressure. And how you’ll use that as a tool to nudge the other negotiator in one direction versus another. Having a well thought out plan to implement, what could prove to be a decisive instrument, will allow you to control a negotiation better. Having that ability will enable you to have more favorable negotiation outcomes … and everything will be right with the world.


Remember, you’re always negotiating!


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