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When Negotiating Hide Your Fear

  Being fearful in a negotiation is not a sin, but displaying fear during a negotiation can open the door to you being taken advantage of. Thus, it behooves you to appear fearless in order to win more negotiations. .    

“Plant Seeds For Your Future Negotiations”

  “Sunday Negotiation Insight”     “Plant Seeds For Your Future” What seeds of life are you planting and are you planting them in the right garden? In every aspect of our lives, we plant seeds. In this case, seeds are the goals we’d like to achieve in life. The garden is who we seek …

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“Secret Negotiation Theatrics That Make You Stronger”

    In a negotiation, you can use theatrics to appear stronger or project the appropriate image of a secret persona. The theatrics you engage in will determine the flow of the negotiation. Continue reading to discover how you can project the image of different characters to enhance your negotiation efforts and outcomes … action! …

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Psychology Behind Winning Negotiations

    What’s your mental mindset when you enter into a negotiation? Are you fraught with apprehension, imagining the gloom and doom that awaits you? If so, you’ve placed yourself at a psychological disadvantage before you really get down to negotiating. From a psychological perspective, that makes you ripe for the proverbial picking.   Before …

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