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“The Value of Intrinsic Value in a Negotiation”

. . Click here for knowledge products on perception of value   When you negotiate, do you factor the value intrinsic value has in your negotiation? Intrinsic value is often the hidden and unrecognized benefit that someone believes he’ll derive as the result of dealing with one person versus another. . Negotiation Tip: Since intrinsic […]

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“Winning Negotiations Using Leverage as Psychological Advantage”

Click picture for product offering!   Prior to your negotiation, do you consider how leverage can be used as a psychological tactic? When leverage is used in a negotiation the degree of its effectiveness depends on how motivating the other negotiator perceives it to be. That’s what will determine the degree he’ll move in one

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Psychology Behind Winning Negotiations

    What’s your mental mindset when you enter into a negotiation? Are you fraught with apprehension, imagining the gloom and doom that awaits you? If so, you’ve placed yourself at a psychological disadvantage before you really get down to negotiating. From a psychological perspective, that makes you ripe for the proverbial picking.   Before

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Win More Negotiations Psychologically

  Negotiation and psychology intersect in negotiations. That’s what this article is about … ways in which you can win more negotiations by being psychologically attuned to what’s occurring during the negotiation and what tactics to employ related to those occurrences. Titles of events and environments shape perception, which leads to expectations; perception is nothing

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“Negotiation Risk Aversion Can Be Costing You Opportunities”

      To what degree are you risk adverse and what’s the cost for being so? You’ve more than likely heard the cliché, “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. That’s true, but what guidelines should you consider when assessing how much risk you should incur? The following suggestions will help you make that determination in your

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Negotiation Heated Defuse Emotions

(See special offer at end.)     Have you ever blown a negotiation because things got so heated that the other negotiator spited his proverbial nose to save his face and became immobile? During such times, were you unable to defuse the level of emotions to keep the negotiation from becoming even more heated? .When

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