Psychology Behind Winning Negotiations

    What’s your mental mindset when you enter into a negotiation? Are you fraught with apprehension, imagining the gloom and doom that awaits you? If so, you’ve placed yourself at a psychological disadvantage before you really get down to negotiating. From a psychological perspective, that makes you ripe for the proverbial picking.   Before […]

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Win More Negotiations Psychologically

  Negotiation and psychology intersect in negotiations. That’s what this article is about … ways in which you can win more negotiations by being psychologically attuned to what’s occurring during the negotiation and what tactics to employ related to those occurrences. Titles of events and environments shape perception, which leads to expectations; perception is nothing

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“Use Confidentiality Secret Weapon in Successful Negotiations”

During a negotiation, have you ever felt like you were getting confidential information that you were not supposed to share? Did you feel special, because you were getting what you perceived to be secret information? Most people feel that way whether they’re in a negotiation or not. You can use the appearance of confidential information

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Negotiation Secrets Resolve Conflicts

  Click here to Listen to “Negotiation Secrets Resolve Conflicts”— What skills do you employ when trying to resolve conflicts? The answer should be, the same skills you use when negotiating. Conflict resolution is a subset of negotiation and thus, the better you are at negotiating, the better you’ll be at resolving conflicts. The

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Negotiation Positioning Successfully Boost Health Care Summit – Not

In the negotiations at the Health Care Summit that recently concluded in the U.S., the winner was … nobody, or was it? In a negotiation, positioning plays a key role in the manner by which negotiators negotiate. Positioning partly entails establishing the image, style of negotiations, and attitudes you’ll display and project throughout the negotiations.

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Do Not Be Psychologically Manipulated When Negotiating

To Listen to this tip, click here – Do you become psychologically disadvantaged when negotiating? Are you aware that smart people do dumb things, because they’re psychologically manipulated when negotiating? Do you know how such psychological manipulation occurs and how to prevent it from happening to you? If you’d like to insulate yourself from

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