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“A man defeated may speak loudly, but when he’s a known liar appearing crazed, eventually, his words will ring hollow.” -Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert (Click to Tweet)

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“This Is How To Challenge Crazed Liars In A Negotiation”

People don’t realize; they’re always negotiating.

She asked her friend in exasperation – “What’s wrong with him? He’s acting like a crazed liar.” The friend said – “Are you surprised? You’ve always known him to be a liar that lies all the time. He’s in denial because he doesn’t like the outcome of the negotiation. He keeps running with denial, and it appears to be outpacing him.”

Have you had challenges with crazed liars in your negotiations – negotiators divorced from truth’s reality? How do you deal with power-grabbing liars when you’re at the negotiation table? Depending on your situation’s severity, you most likely attempt multiple ways to deal with such individuals. The following are a few thoughts to consider for your future engagements.   

Crazed Liar Definition

In a negotiation, some negotiators may lie by omission. You may ask, is this your best deal, and they say yes. Meanwhile, they know they can offer a better deal, but that would cut into their gains. You would not categorize that type of negotiator as a crazed liar.  

The negotiator type that goes into the crazed category lies because he wants to make you subservient. As long as he gets his way, the crazed liar negotiator is okay with lying and using whatever means he has to use to reach his point. That makes him dangerous in a negotiation. He’s the type of person that will tell you the sun is shining at midnight and question you when you doubt his claim. He may even become rambunctious at the allegation that you’re calling him a liar. Be extremely cautious when negotiating with this type of individual. He’ll steal your clothes and attempt to make you believe you still have them as you depart the negotiation naked.

The Challenge

“You can’t handle the truth,” was a line uttered in a movie years ago. And in most cases, when you’re dealing with a crazed liar, one that’s not functioning entirely in the realm of reality, he doesn’t want hidden truths to be exposed. To prevent that from occurring, he’ll twist narratives to appear more favorable to his position. To that end, he’ll lie excessively.

To initially challenge him, seek and assemble confidential information. Once obtained, let him know you have it. Remember, you’re dealing with a devious person. Hang that information over his head, and you’ll have leverage. After that, he’ll become your puppet in the negotiation. Thus, to challenge a crazed liar, find his deepest secret, one that he’d do anything to keep from being exposed – and use it as leverage with which to confront, challenge, and control him.

The Tell

Question: How will you know when your efforts to challenge a lying negotiator are successful? Answer: When you begin to hear his thundering silence that was previously his loud siren call, you’ll know you’ve impacted him. No matter how hard he tries, eventually, fate will catch up with a liar. He can’t outrun it.

Once you have a liar on the ropes, to hasten his longevity, quicken your pace towards his demise. Do that by assembling and then implementing the forces you’ve marshaled to address his insidious ways – lob one attack of facts and reasoning against him after another. Remember, he’s a liar attempting to rob you of your ability to reason – don’t let him do that. Observe the effects of your actions, and if they’re not sufficient, lob more attacks. If you don’t deal sufficiently with a liar in a negotiation, there’ll come a time when he’ll have you believe the tales he tells. That could lead you down an imaginary path on which you’ll become confused about the truth. And that won’t be a pleasant place for you.  

The Trigger

When you deal with a crazed negotiator in your negotiation, you’ll tolerate his ambivalence, berating, and deceitful ways to a point. That point becomes your trigger, the time when you’ll unabashedly confront him. So, if you’re aware that he’s attempting to maneuver you through his lies, you can initiate your trigger to stop his efforts. To do that, you might consider what will occur in the negotiation before entering into it – that would be in your negotiation planning stage. During that period, assess at what point you’ll say to yourself, enough is enough, and begin to challenge his assertions. After all, you will have seen this negotiator in action, and thus, you’ll know what to expect from him.

While considering how you might trigger yourself to become more defiant, think about how you’ll challenge your opponent to accept the reality that his lies will no longer be allowed to go unchallenged. Add the fact that you’re willing to make him pay the price if he continues on the current path. To amplify your stance, get backers to support your efforts. If some of them previously supported him, that will enhance your negotiation position. When everything is said, you must eventually let the liar conclude that his deeds will no longer serve him. You’ll see the reckoning of his realization in his actions when he discontinues his lies and accepts the fate of his reality. That’s when you’ll know you have the upper hand in the negotiation.


Any negotiation may be challenging, but when you’re dealing with someone that’s a crazed liar, the negotiation’s toughness can become exponentially more difficult. To ease the negotiation’s tension and that upon yourself, be prepared to confront and challenge a lying crazed negotiator at your earliest point in the talks. Don’t let his efforts take flight. By grounding his attempts to infuse the negotiation with lies, you’ll hamper his efforts to play his mind games with you. And everything will be right with the world.  

Remember, you’re always negotiating!

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