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“Change is inevitable. Even if you don’t embrace it, change is changing you.” -Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert (Click to Tweet)

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“When Is The Best Time To Promote Change”

There he was – with his life dangling on a fraying thread. He sensed that his career, all that he’d worked for, and all that he’d accumulated would soon be lost. He wondered how he’d allowed himself to get caught up in such a dire position – as he thought aloud, is there anyone that can save me. At that moment, as though God was giving him a second chance, someone whispered, is it time for a change? Would you like my help now?

In any situation, there’s an optimum time to introduce change. It’s the time when one can maximize the leverage one has in an environment. That’s also the sweet spot to seek before implementing change. Because that’ll be the point when you’ll have the most significant opportunity for your views and values to sway the opinions of those you seek to influence. And here’s how to go about doing so.


Anytime chaos exists in an environment, the chance for change becomes heightened. Because, when it occurs, there’s usually a lack of order and stressing factors that have become part of those surroundings. A lack of cohesiveness can also reveal itself in the unsureness of people that don’t know what direction to take. At other times, confusion may stem from a simmering feud amongst competing factions.  

Regardless of when or how chaos occurs, be alert for it. And if it’s not prevalent, it may behoove you to insight chaos by feeding the desires of competing forces. Prepare yourself ahead of time with plans at the ready to nurture the calm that others will search for from the chaos that precedes serenity. When you sense it, hear the sounds of opportunity inviting you to take action. Then, search for ways to implement your plans to quench the thirst for harmony that warring factions will pursue. Be sure you’re the one recognized for ushering harmony back into the void that dispelled tranquility. Your reward will come in the form of increased authority and influence.


While chaos can reside within crises, the latter has characteristics that avail the opportunity for change that chaos might not possess. For one, a crisis is usually the result of an existing, real, or perceived imminent threat existing, whereby people expect immediate actions to be adopted. That’s the main reason you should denote crisis from chaos and when the former occurs. You’ll need to address crises in a quicker manner, which means you’ll have less time to develop a plan. That’s the reason you should have a plan to address a crisis and a different strategy to address chaos. While pieces of either may possess interchangeable parts, you should create each design to stand alone as separate entities.


Before implementing change, you should consider the timeliness of it. There will be better times than others to do so, which will impact the degree of success you have. In assessing timeliness consider

1. How dire the situation is where you seek to invoke change – if a condition is viewed as being acceptable, and thus not warranting modification, your thoughts will be less valuable and perceived as being less required. In that case, the change that you offer will be less likely to be accepted.

2. The time-period you’ll use to introduce your suggestions for change based on the situation – it may behoove you to have a rolling implementation of your recommendations if you require time to assess the progress of the plans you’re currently implementing. At other times, it may be more beneficial to implement strategies to incite change faster. Always be aware of the time frame you’ll use to implement change. The period in which you do so will impact the probability of your success.

3. Other people that have or may have a stake in maintaining the status quo versus those that want to alter existing conditions – either side may be a dominant force of contention. Therefore, the better you know what the contending factions are, the better you can plan for how you’ll use or combat them.


No matter what activities surround you, if you seek a change, and it’s not happening fast enough, you must inject it into the environment. But you must do so at an optimum point and time. If you fail to abide by those parameters, you run the risk of having your plans met with failure. And if that occurs, others may banish you to an unforsaken position within the midst of your environment, never to have the opportunity to influence change again. To prevent that from occurring, mark your time when harmony abounds. But seek opportunity when you can wreak havoc passively, and don’t leave your fingerprints on your activities.

The more you can induce change for the betterment of the powers to be, the better will be the power that you can control. That will enhance your influence and persona, which will heighten the prospects of you being the ‘go-to’ person when other exciting situations arise. And everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you’re always negotiating!

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