“Win or Lose, You Give Life Its Meaning”



“Sunday Negotiation Insight”

Win or lose you give life its meaning



What’s the meaning of life, or success/failure, happiness, etc.? Answer: The meaning is anything you give it. Thus, if the meaning of any experience you engage in is what you give it, why do you assign some outcomes as being negative (e.g. I didn’t do well. I loss the …)?

Everyone interprets situations based on their perspective, outlook on life, and perception. The perception of a situation is also linked to how you view yourself. If you think you have a high degree of self-efficacy you’re more likely to have the belief that you can achieve the outcomes you seek. If such is lacking you’ll be less assured of your abilities to master such outcomes. The point is, everyone has an ability to achieve more than what he/she is accepting of themselves.

If you want to achieve more, first raise your awareness to the way you think. Then, question why you think in such a manner; do you see potential outcomes from a more positive or negative perspective? When you raise your awareness per what you do every day to reach your goals, you’ll gain insight into the sources of motivation, determination, and expectations that drive you. That will expose why you do and don’t do some of the things you engage in.

In order to become more of what you seek for yourself, to live a more fulfilled dream, you need to understand yourself better. Then, become obsessive about improving yourself. If you maintain the regimen required for self-improvement, self-improvement will become a partner that will never let you down. As such, you’ll continuously rise higher … and everything will be right with the world.


What does this have to do with negotiations?


In a negotiation, a great deal of the outcome is attributed to the way you see yourself, the skills you possess, and how the opposing negotiator views you. If you’re hampered by self-doubt, you’ll signal such to the other negotiator subliminally, if not openly, via the way you engage in the negotiation with him. You will be weakening your negotiation position (you’re always negotiating) simply by possessing the mindset that nags at you by saying, you’re not good enough.

Not until you change your self-perspective and obtain the skills needed to become a better negotiator will you enhance your negotiation efforts. Once you do, you will begin to amaze yourself by winning more negotiations … and everything will be right with the world.


Remember, you’re always negotiating!



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