“Winning Negotiations Using Leverage as Psychological Advantage”

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Prior to your negotiation, do you consider how leverage can be used as a psychological tactic? When leverage is used in a negotiation the degree of its effectiveness depends on how motivating the other negotiator perceives it to be. That’s what will determine the degree he’ll move in one direction versus another.
The following are a few quick thoughts that lend insight to what you should consider to enhance the use of leverage from a psychological perspective before and during your negotiations.


Psychology behind use of leverage:
When it comes to leverage, people are moved by it, because they usually perceive additional or hidden benefits or detriments to their well-being. That’s the psychology behind using leverage. You in essence are able to achieve more movement strategically as the result of the implication of the thought you cast. Thus, don’t be afraid to think big when assessing how the use of leverage can be applied psychologically in your negotiations. Worse case, your big thoughts only produce slight results. If that’s the outcome, you’ll still be better off than had you not used the psychology of leverage, which will prove to be a good thing.

The manner in which you’re perceived by the other negotiator is dependent on how he views you and those that are backing you (i.e. your organization, others supporting you behind the scene, etc.). To that end, give him the lens through which you want him to discern you. This can be accomplished by having prominent mentioning of you, your organization, and those that support you, in publications, social media, and other mediums you know the other negotiator frequents. By doing so, you’ll cast the opinion you wish him to have of you. Such action with alter his perception of you. That will distinguish you, which will enhance your use of leverage during the negotiation.


Perception of Leverage:
During your negotiation, when it comes to the psychological use of leverage, one has to have the right perspective. That perspective has to be viewed via the person perceiving and projecting it. Thus, as the person projecting it, you have to know the target at which you’re aiming. You should ask yourself, why will the other negotiator be moved by the psychological leverage I’m applying? What might be some of the mental thoughts she’ll undertake when assessing the viability of what I’m doing? What might she propose in the form of a counteroffer? By assessing such thoughts, you’ll become better aware of the possibilities that such psychological ploys might have.
Psychology is a part of every negotiation you’ll engage in. To the degree you manage the psychological use of leverage during your negotiations, you’ll enhance your outcomes … and everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you’re always negotiating!



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