“You Grow Through Adversity and Change”


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“You Grow Through Adversity and Change”

Are you aware that you seek serenity while also seeking change? On the one hand, when everything is peaceful and calm, the desire for change has already started to nudge you away from serenity. You sense change when you realize you’re bored with whatever you’re engaged in. It’s at that time that you’re seeking something more exciting to reenergize, to repurpose your life.

If that’s the case, should you fear change? Fear of change comes from not feeling like you’re in control of change. As an example, if you decide you want to accept a new job, you feel happy about the change that occurs. Conversely, if you’re fired from a job you fret, become dismayed, and get depressed. The latter occurs because you’re perception is, you’re not in control of the change. In essence, when you’re going through such adversity what you don’t realize is, you’ve been beset by adversity and you’re not controlling the process of change.

Once you’re aware that change is prevalent in all aspects of your life, you can adopt the right frame of mind to control it. The way to do so is the way you think of change. You’re the one that gives change a meaning. Thus, if you wish to view it as good, it becomes that. If you assign it the meaning of something bad, it will become that and you’ll react in that manner.

When it comes to change, you have more control than you realize. Now that you’re more aware, don’t be afraid to make that change. You’ll be better for doing so. Remember, out of adversity comes change and out of change comes growth.


What does this have to do with negotiation?


Negotiation is a constant series of changes. Thus, you have to be prepared from one moment to the next to change as offers and counteroffers are made. You have to maintain the proper state of mind to maintain your mental perspective of the changes that’s occur, and be cognizant of the meaning you give change. To lose focus on the negotiation due to a lack of mental flexibility to change is to risk losing the negotiation for fear of change. Thus, in a negotiation, when you manage fear, you’ll be capable of appearing fearless to change … and everything will be right with the world.


Remember, you’re always negotiating!


Greg Williams,

The Master Negotiator &

Body Language Expert




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