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“Negotiators should fear not about being out-negotiated by AI. Instead, they should seek to master AI to increase their negotiation skills.” -Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert

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AI (artificial intelligence) is the vanguard of a negotiation revolution. It is poised to transform how negotiators engage with each other and how bots (short for robot-autonomous programs interacting with people and systems) represent their interests. By integrating natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (a branch of AI that uses algorithms to create systems that learn from data and make decisions without human intervention), some negotiators will gain an edge, while others may face challenges.

This episode provides essential insights for negotiators who seek to enhance their negotiation skills by becoming more aware of AI’s impact on the negotiation process. It also offers awareness to those who do not realize the importance of negotiation in everyday life.

Human to Bot Negotiations: The New Outer Limits

As AI enhances its sophistication, negotiators will inevitably negotiate more in human-to-bot scenarios; it is already happening.

Imagine you are online applying for a loan from an institution where you have accounts. A message on your screen asks about the loan amount you seek, your preferred payment plan, and the interest rate you want. Do you sense an advantage because you are not dealing with another human?

The bot continues to interact with you as you answer its questions, leaving you with the favorable impression that you are in the easiest negotiation of your life – until you get its final offer and terms; they are not as favorable as you would like. What happened?

As you provided information in your answers, the bot quietly assessed your responses to determine which path it would take you. Depending on variables such as the value the institution placed on your business, future opportunities it would gain from offering you one deal versus another, and the competitive environment it and you were in, it offered the deal you received. You had no clue that so many calculations were occurring in the background. Welcome to the new outer limits.    

Human to Bot Negotiations: Possible Success Strategies 

As humans force more people to negotiate with AI bots, humans can become disadvantaged unless they create strategies to combat that plight. Some points to consider are:

1. Understand the bot: Comprehend the bot’s boundaries and limitations. Investigate the AI structure you will negotiate with or against (with being more amenable and against being more antagonistic or formidable). Seek to detect its constraints and possible biases. Having that knowledge will help you better position yourself and adjust to offers extended by the bot.

2. Prepare for speedy negotiations: Since AI can process information rapidly, consider how quickly you respond to its offers and suggestions. With some bots, programmers will build calculations into their systems that will assess the quickness of your responses to determine your degree of excitement or lack thereof. As with human-to-human negotiations, you may want to take your time responding to convey a sense of contemplation, causing possible doubt about where you stand.  

3. Accentuate your long-term value: When negotiating with AI, it may prioritize short-term over long-term gains. If you sense that is occurring, exit the system and request to deal with a human. You will have altered the dynamics and flow of the negotiation.

Once you have accomplished that, stress to your human counterpart the perceived value you have for the organization, the value you add to it, how you feel about dealing with a ‘machine,’ and that you know you can reach a better agreement with that individual; it may not hurt to mention that AI may be trying to take that person’s job. The point is, make that person your ally against the bot.   

Interesting Aspects About AI’s Negotiation Predictability

While it is not there yet, AI is moving at lightning speed in predicting the outcome of negotiations. It is currently doing that by comparing possible offers negotiators could extend versus the ones they do during their dealings. It does that by making assessments based on patterns instead of definitive realities.

The following are noteworthy observations related to the current abilities of AI to make those predictions.

1. Negotiation Situational Assessment: AI’s ability to test different scenarios can forecast the possibility of the most likely outcome. That allows negotiators to submit to AI likely scenarios and have it predict the best-case conclusions.

2. Simultaneous Evaluation: AI can offer live analysis during current talks, enhancing its ability to make outcome predictions based on the flow of the discussions, market conditions, historical information, and negotiator profiles. It can also provide feedback indicating courses of action to adopt to avert negative occurrences.  

3. Learning Adaption: As AI becomes more sophisticated and infused with more data to analyze, its negotiation predictive abilities will increase, improving its predictability accuracy. To that point, programmers create AI tools as negotiation outcome predictors.  


AI has made quickening strides in predicting negotiation outcomes. And its profound impact will increasingly influence how negotiators and others interact. Its ability to navigate intricate scenarios at lightning speed, along with its ability to predict and offer better courses of action, will ensure that.

Accordingly, AI has placed humankind on the edge of a new precipice, announcing a new dawn. Do not ignore it! The change it brings has already arrived, and its march will only quicken over time. Grasp its baton. You will be a better negotiator for doing so. And everything will be right with the world.

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