​Praise for the Master Negotiator, Greg Williams

"Thank You Very Much for presenting to our group, your presentation was fantastic!!! The passion you have for the subject at hand shined through in leaps and bounds.

You had the audience eating out of your hand. The material was right on the money. You are truly 'The Master Negotiator'. I loved the role playing exercises and the energy that you conveyed during your presentation."

​Mark Muschko

​Professional Support Group of Morris County (PSGMC)

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"Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert really is a very dynamic speaker and presenter. During his presentation at the NY Business Expo, the premier event for business owners in the Northeastern US, Greg kept the audience’s attention riveted to his presentation, as he gave one fascinating insight about negotiation strategies, reading body language, micro expressions, and emotional intelligence after another.

Greg kept the overflowing, standing room only attention of the attendees by giving examples that involved the audience, while being both entertaining and educational; next year, we will have to have Greg’s presentation in a much bigger room!

For anyone seeking a speaker, trainer, or keynoter that can mesmerizes an audience, while delivering interactive content that’s usable the moment attendees leave the presentation, call on Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert. I’m sure he’ll deliver for you like he delivered for us. And, I’m sure he’ll make you look like a star for bringing him in to speak at your event too."

​Marc Sherer

President, Event Management

"Greg Williams is not only The Master Negotiator, he is also a consummate professional and presenter.

Greg’s knowledge of negotiation tactics and strategies are spellbinding. He enlightened, and kept riveted, several hundred individuals in a training that he conducted for the City of Tallahassee’s Equity & Workforce Development Department.

Greg weaved his knowledge about how to use and implement tools of a good negotiator, effortlessly and in a very easy to understand manner. His presentation encompassed a potpourri of information, from how to read body language to the correct way to use Red Herrings when negotiating. He was highly rated by the attendees.

I recommend Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator to anyone needing insightful and time-tested information on the subject of negotiation. Greg will dazzle your attendees as he fulfills their demands for knowledge on the subject of negotiation. He will leave you looking like a star for bringing him in."

Sharon Ofuani

​Director, City of Tallahassee Equity & Workforce Development Department

Thank you SO much for making our event a tremendous success! People were buzzing with excitement over what they learned in your Stop Leaving Money on the Table and Settling for Less: Negotiating Skills for Entrepreneurs workshop, and words cannot express how truly amazing it was to see the attendees walk away so incredibly encouraged and energized.

This conference was not about just about inspiration, it was about taking action. Your workshop not only motivated our entrepreneurs to continue on the path to success, but also equipped them with actionable goals for the future, and the knowledge necessary to achieve them.

​Jill Johnson

Chief Executive Officer, Institute For Entrepreneurial Leadership

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The Master Negotiator's Partial Client List

  • ​Air Products & Chemicals
  • ​Alpo Pet Foods
  • ​Xerox Corporation
  • ​Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • ​City of Philadelphia, City of Tallahassee
  • ​Educational Testing Service (ETS)
  • ​FMC Corporation
  • ​Home Depot
  • ​Mack Trucks
  • ​McGraw Hill
  • ​MCI
  • ​McNeil Pharmaceutical
  • ​Merrill Lynch
  • ​Prudential Insurance
  • ​New Jersey Transit
  • ​Pennsylvania Power & Light (PP&L)
  • ​Rodale Press
  • ​R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical
  • ​Reckitt & Colman
  • ​Rutgers University – Institute for
    Executive Leadership and Diversity
  • ​Stanley Vidmar
  • ​State of New Jersey
  • ​Union Carbide
  • ​United Water
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