Complacency Affliction



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Are you afflicted by complacency


“Complacency Affliction”


Are you afflicted by complacency? Complacency allows one to rest, but resting too long can cause one to lose one’s sense of purpose.

When you’ve achieved goals, enjoy them, celebrate them, and then use them to spur you onward and upward. If you never attempt to become all that you can be, you’ll never know all that you could have been.

As soon as you start feeling too comfortable with where you are in life that should be a signal that it’s time to ‘get to gettin’ (i.e. moving on)! The only way to achieve more in life is to never be too satisfied with where you are in life, for too long a period in your life.

If complacency is your friend, find a new friend.


What does this have to do with negotiating?

In a negotiation, depending upon your psychological and physiological perspective, you could become complacent. That means you may be settling for a deal that could be improved if you’d attempt to employ one more negotiation strategy, look at the situation from another perspective, ask one more ‘why’ question. Don’t settle for something just because it’s the right thing to do for the moment, if the moment is not right to do so. Always seek more from yourself, no matter what you’ve achieved and you’ll end up with more in life … and everything will be right with the world.



Remember, you’re always negotiating!


Greg Williams,

The Master Negotiator &

Body Language Expert




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