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“Sunday Negotiation Insight”


“Don’t undersell yourself. In order to be whom you wish to become, you have to see your future self in the present you. From there, you can begin to create your future self, today.” –Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert


Dont Undersell Yourself


“Don’t Undersell Yourself”


Who controls you? Better yet, who controls you, your mind, your thought process and when do you feel control fluctuating?


There are times we feel mentally under siege because of our mental state. To put it another way, we’d feel differently given the same situation if we were in a different state of mind. So, that implies, the more mindful we are per our state of mind, the better we can control our state of mind.

Given the fact that our emotions demand a role in our state of mind also means there’s another character whose part we must be aware of. Thus, being aware of our emotional state and what led to its current perspective allows us the insight to understand how we reached the point in our situation that we find ourselves in.


When you perceive yourself to be on the underside of life, consider how the feeling of being under siege may have played a part in that feeling. To the degree you keep your emotions in check (i.e. make them work for you and not against you), you’ll find them to be an ally in the support of making better decisions. That will lead to you possessing a better state of mind about your situation, which will serve to improve your perspective and answer the question of who’s controlling you. The answer will be, you are … and everything will be right with the world.


What does this have to do with negotiations?


It is said in a negotiation, the man that thinks he has no leverage, maintains little to no value; he’s already lost the negotiation before he enters into it.


Therefore, always seek to identify the degree of value you possess before entering into a negotiation. Then, while engaged in it, keep your emotions in check. Lead with logic and you’ll have greater control in the negotiation, compared to leading from a lack of perceived value and control. You are valuable! You just have to recognize your value in order to show it to others.


Remember, you’re always negotiating.


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