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“Nervousness is a part of life. When it serves you, embrace it. When it disserves you, shun it.” -Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert



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“How To Prevent Your Nerves From Getting The Better Of You”


“I started verbally stumbling. I don’t know what came over me. I heard senseless words coming out of my mouth; they made no sense. It was like my brain had disconnected from my mouth. My nerves were definitely getting the better of me.” Those were the words of an overly exasperated woman recalling a conversation she had with a senior member of her organization. Do you have such moments? We all do. Have you ever stopped to question why that occurs and how you can prevent it?

Continue reading to discover how you can recognize the pending onset of such moments and how to thwart them when they occur.



First, recognize that stress is usually the culprit behind your brain-freeze moments. Stress is promoted by several factors (i.e. lack of rest, the perception of your social position related to others, preparedness deficiency, sleep deprivation, physiology, etc.). Identifying the cause and when your nervousness occurs will allow you to better address it.



Psychologically, actions are evoked by triggers that serve as stimuli for those actions. Note and recognize the source(s) and cause(s) behind the triggers that move you to react. Specifically, observe the stimuli that cause you to act a certain way in certain environments. In some cases, the source behind the trigger may be an unsettled action that occurred earlier in your life. Then, when confronted by a similar environment or circumstance, subliminally, you react the way you did years ago. Address that source and you stand a greater chance of controlling the trigger.


Lack of Preparedness:

I know what might occur in the upcoming situation. So, I’ll just wing it. A lack of preparedness can be stress inducing. Since no one truly knows what might occur in the future, we speculate. The better we can tap-down the assumptions of what we think may occur, the better we can control the variables that feed uncertainty. Considering the possible scenarios that we could encounter prepares us for those engagements while lowering the mental threat that might otherwise stem from fear of not being in control.



Where physiology is concerned, some people start to mentally shut down. “I don’t want to hear about how a lack of rest, exercise, depleted hydration, and/or the lack of a proper diet can hamper me from reaching peak performance”, are the thoughts of some individuals. But, when your body is physically misaligned, as the result of missing the ingredients mentioned, you become mentally deprived of a coherent thought process. Don’t overlook the value that physiology plays in your overall wellbeing. To do so is to psychologically rob your thought and presentation process of greater consistency.


What does this have to do with negotiations?


Every negotiation is fraught with situations that claims fear as an ingredient of its process. That fear may stem from being uncertain about how to act or react in situations, or being fearful of what might occur if one finds oneself in a no-deal position. Command control over your emotions when contemplating such thoughts. Do so by controlling the thoughts that might lead you down a path laden with nervousness.

By addressing and preventing the nervous tensions that could hamper your negotiation, you’ll enhance your negotiation efforts. You’ll be preventing such nervousness from getting the better of you … and everything will be right with the world.


Remember, you’re always negotiating!


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