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I am Alone

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“I’m All Alone”



I asked you to walk with me on this journey of life, but through your actions, you said I had to walk alone.


I asked for your support and you said you were all-in, but when I looked for you, I found I was all alone.


I reached for your hand to comfort me and found it wasn’t there. I found instead that I was all alone.


It was then that I knew, the love you professed for me was an optical phenomenon. I’m all alone.


It was a mirage. I’m all alone.


It was nothing more than the sweet bitter taste of what could have been and instead, I’m all alone.


As soon as I became fully engaged with you, the love you stated was mine dissipated into the dream-like matter that it really was and I was all alone.


As soon as you’d done of me what suited your needs, I was discarded and now, I’m all alone.


As soon as you had the opportunity to travel a different path, you left me. Now, I’m all alone.


If I must walk alone upon this path that I find myself because you refuse to join me, I’ll walk it and I’ll walk it alone.


If I must live a life that’s separate from yours, I’ll live my life without you and I’ll be all alone.


If I must achieve my destiny without you, then it will be my destiny that I’ll move towards without you and I’ll be all alone.


What happened to the love you promised me? I’m all alone.


What happened to the togetherness you emphatically stated would be there forever? I’m all alone.


What happened to being all-in? I’m all alone.


Instead of the unity, I thought I’d found, I find sadness in its place. I’m all alone


Instead of a life that’s filled with love, joy, and happiness, I’m all alone.


Instead of a life with you, I live without you … and I’m all alone!



What does this have to do with negotiations?


In a negotiation, the outside factors that you take into the negotiation influence the degree and perspective you have during the negotiation (such as your mental perspective and outlook for life). Thus, you should always be aware of what’s influencing you during the negotiation. By doing so you’ll have greater insight as to why you engage in one behavior versus another. Be very sensitive when matters of the heart are prevalent. Such matters, based on the severity, can far outweigh logic, which might cause you to become irrational.

If you control your emotions during a negotiation and are aware of the sources that motivate you the most, you’ll be able to better control yourself and thus the negotiation … and everything will be right with the world.


Remember, you’re always negotiating!


Greg Williams,

The Master Negotiator &

Body Language Expert














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