“Less Equals State of Mind”


“Sunday Negotiation Insight”

Less Equals State of Mind


“Less Equals State of Mind”


What’s missing in/from the pictures above? Look closely and after a few seconds of doing so, state out loud what you think is missing.

The truth is, what’s missing is what you think is missing. That’s true per what you thought about the pictures and what you think about your life.

If you sense you’re less, homeless, valueless, worthless, that’s the way you’ll see yourself and, the way you see yourself is what you’ll project to others. It’ll also determine the degree you’ll strive to achieve your goals. If you’re going to be less, I suggest you choose to be fearless, tireless, doubtless.

Fearlessness is what’s being shown in the pictures above and thus what’s missing is fear.

Ignite the burning desire that’s lurking in your soul for the chance to become what promotes you to a higher purpose in life. That higher purpose is screaming for a greater chance for you to succeed in life.

Once you turn less in your mind as meaning more, you’ll never look at less as meaningless or fearless again. Again, the way you see yourself will determine the vigor in which you engage in life. Determine to become more, do more, and be more. Use more of the innate mental gifts you have within you to open a whole new world of possibilities. Then, those possibilities will avail themselves to you in the form of opportunities … and everything will be right with the world.


What does this have to do with negotiations?


When negotiating, if you project a lack of, less, you subject yourself to the pressures of concessions, possible belittlement, and the setup of gaining less from the negotiation. Even if you feel you have less than the opposing negotiator, less skills, less to offer, you can still value yourself for whatever purpose the other negotiator perceives you as having. Don’t live down to your expectations, due to feeling you are less than she is. Instead present yourself in a confident manner, one worthy of being at the negotiation table. Balance your presentation against appearing arrogant, self-serving, or petulant. Again, even if you feel like you’re less, if you prevent such from showing, you’ll always walk away from the negotiation table with more, not less … and everything will be right with the world.


Remember, you’re always negotiating!



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