“Life’s Perspectives and Contrasts”



“Life’s Perspectives and Contrasts”


Life is a matter of perspectives and contrasts and everything happens for a reason … at least it does if you believe that to be true. If you subscribe to that theory, why not look at what occurs in your life from a positive perspective? If you look deeply enough, there’ll be positive aspects in every situation.

The point is, your life has and will continue to be filled with contrasts. The meaning, perspective, you give the contrasts will lead to the thoughts you have about them, which will lead to the actions you’ll engage in. Since you’re the one that will make that determination, no matter how much influence you allow others to lend to the process, why not stay positive. Pain can cause despair, but only to the degree you allow it to.

Stay strong and your strength will replace your pain!


What does this have to do with negotiations?   

During a negotiation, doubt per your ability, the course upon which the negotiation is on, and the potential outcome can cause you anguish, discuss, and pain. When you sense such emotions, keep your perspective unclouded. Contrast those thoughts against the possibility of what might be a better outcome. In so doing you’ll free your mind from the tension being thrust upon it. That will allow it to be more creative, freeing it to assemble more positive thoughts. The positive thoughts will lead you to more positive actions, which will lead you to a better negotiation outcome (It’s all about perspective and contrast) … and everything will be right with the world.



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