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Mind Control Youre Alright

Everyone experiences happiness and sorrow in life. Some are moved by one experience more than the other. The common thread between both sensations is the way either are perceived and acted on, mind control.

Realize, as long as you control the perception of what occurs to you, you’ll have greater control of yourself and your environment; reality is, you already control how you think and perceive things. So, why not exercise greater control in a manner the serves you better.

To exercise greater positive control of your thoughts and mind, identify positive aspects that lead to positive sources of motivating to keep you positive. Do this instead of focusing on negativity. When you live your life in such a manner you’ll be exercising stronger mind control. You’ll possess a higher level of awareness and you’ll keep your life in a more positive sphere … and everything will be right with the world. 


What does this have to do with negotiations?


Everyone experiences ups and downs in a negotiation. During such times, negotiators are exercising mind control. Some may not consider that fact, but doing so doesn’t negate it. Nevertheless, there are beneficial aspects that occur during the up phase, as there is in down phases. When in a down phase, it’s natural to seek the up phase; it’s a matter of mental comfort that becomes the driver to seek the latter.

The mental perspective you possess during a negotiation when you’re perceived to be in the down phase will determine how long you stay there, how quickly you move to the up phase, and what you’ll do to get there. The greater the mental control you exercise by keeping a focus on the positive outcomes, even if they’re small, the greater control you’ll be exercising in and over the negotiation. Doing so will also allow you to focus more clearly on strategies to extricate yourself from negative situations. That will be the doorway that leads to more winning negotiations.


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Remember, you’re always negotiating.




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