“Negotiate and Gain Powerful Edge With Right Mindset”


Win More Negotiations Think Differently


When you negotiate, how powerful are you? Do you note your mindset and use it to gain an edge during a negotiation? If you don’t possess the correct mindset you lessen the chance for a winning negotiation outcome.  


Manage Emotional State:

When you’re upset, stressed, or tired your mind does not function in the same manner it would if you weren’t in such a state. In an agitated state of mind, you run the risk of belaboring a point that has no tactical influence on the flow or outcome of the negotiation. You’re also more likely to become angry and do something dumb causing the other negotiator to become entrenched in a position that could lead to an impasse. The point is, prior to negotiating make sure you’re in a rested mental state of mind and you control your mindset during the negotiation.


Alter Your View, Alter Your Perspective:

I’m sure you’ve observed that your perspective changes based on how you view a situation. That’s true for both your mental and physical point of view. During a negotiation, you can alter your mindset and in so doing change your perspective. If during times of perceived impasse you look at the negotiation from a different perspective, you’ll discover possible solutions to the impasse. Don’t confine your thought process to conventional ways of thinking. If you wish to alter the perspective of your negotiation counterpart, try to get him to see your point of view from a value-added perspective. That perspective should be one that he views as adding value to his position. You can also solicit his support by giving the perception that you’re following his lead. To do so, make a concession to one of his requests. In a best case scenario, it should be one that’s aligned with your goals for the negotiation. By doing this, you’ll gain subliminal influence with him and you will have progressed the negotiation.


Be Imaginative:

When you were a kid, do you remember how imaginative you were? At times, you used your imagination to place yourself into a reality that was not reality. There were no boundaries on your thoughts. What do you think would occur if you called upon that same mindset during a negotiation? The answer is, you’d think of solutions that you would not otherwise think of. When you unencumber your mind, it can reward you with thoughts that an encumbered mind can’t deliver. With an unencumbered mind, there are no limits and thus you truly think past the boundaries that would normally confine you. So, in the planning stages of your next negotiation consider what solutions you might offer to solve potential problems that you might encounter. Do so while not placing boundaries upon your thoughts. You’ll be amazed at how imaginative your mindset is and the rewards it gives you from unleashing it.


As you can see, by altering your perspective, you can shape the flow and enhance the direction of a negotiation. If you think about it, you mentally control the flow of a negotiation anyway. Thus, if you’re astute during your negotiation you’ll keep an open mind. That means, keeping an open mind to what might be considered insane possibilities. Yes, I said insane possibilities. Most people don’t consider a solution possibly residing in what would be considered unthinkable. By thinking the unthinkable, you’ll possess a different mindset, one that will give you an edge in your negotiations … and everything will be right in the world.


Remember, you’re always negotiating!



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