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“Sunday Negotiation Insight”

In Negotiations and Life You Dont Lack Value


“In Negotiations and Life, You Don’t Lack Value”


When did I become relevant to you? How long was I invisible before you began to notice that I possessed value?

The above questions are posed to others about you, by you, all day long. At times, such is done so silently and even at subliminal levels. Still, it becomes the way someone may feel towards you or you towards others when, all of a sudden, due to some “higher authority’s” pronouncement, you become ‘somebody’. Truth is, you’ve been somebody your whole life!

If you were asked if you are prejudice, you might respond with a strong, no, or you might say yes. If the latter was stated, you’d be displaying more truthfulness than those that stated the opposite. If instead, the question was, are you biased to some things and/or some people and you were mindful and truthful of your response, you’d state a definite, yes.

Let’s explore what just happened. When asked about being prejudice, that word more than likely conjured images associated with bad feelings, or a stronger emotion tied to negativity. The word bias has a less negative connotation and, since we all have preferences, you may have felt at-ease stating that you have biases. After all, doesn’t everyone have preferences (i.e. biases)?

Here are the points:

  1. Recognize who you are at the core of your being. Sense the value you possess and don’t let someone’s pronouncement assign your self-worth unless it suits you to do so.
  2. Be mindful of how you view people. Always strive to treat the lowest and highest amongst us with respect. That doesn’t cost you a thing!
  3. To the degree others will help you, thank them. To the degree they won’t, for whatever reason, move on. There are others waiting to expose the value they see in you. Seek them out.

If you walk your life in the strength you possess, you’ll walk stronger in life. Be who you are while you’re becoming who it is that you’ll be. Have trust and the belief in yourself that you are creating a better environment for yourself, no matter what your current circumstances are … and everything will be right with the world.


What does this have to do with negotiations?


In a negotiation, the perspective you and the opposing negotiator have about one another will determine the initial flow of the negotiation. Understand the biases you have going into the negotiation and attempt to understand his. If such be needed, point out what you might perceive as inequities in his offers, due to his biases. By getting things like that on the table, you’ll enhance the negotiation process and reduce the things that might require tabling.


What’s your opinion? I’d really like to know. Reach me at Greg@TheMasterNegotiator.com


Remember, you’re always negotiating. 


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