“Plant Seeds For Your Future Negotiations”


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Plant Seeds For Your Future Negotiation


“Plant Seeds For Your Future”

What seeds of life are you planting and are you planting them in the right garden? In every aspect of our lives, we plant seeds. In this case, seeds are the goals we’d like to achieve in life. The garden is who we seek to assist us in achieving our goals.

In a negotiation (you’re always negotiating), we plant seeds by informing the other negotiator of what we want from the negotiation. Then we nurture our aspirations based on the interaction we have with her to turn our actions into reality.

As you engage in any endeavor, consider the seeds you plant and the impact they’ll have on your future. Be aware of where you plant them and from whom seek assistance to nurture them. In no time, depending how long-term your goal, you’ll see new opportunities sprouting from your efforts. That will be the time to plant more seeds to increase your future opportunities. From there, you’ll have an abundance of growth from which you will be nurtured … and everything will be right with the world.


How does this relate to negotiations?

In a negotiation, you need to assess what strategies you’ll employ (i.e. how you’ll plant your seeds). Then, you have to determine the best time in the negotiation to implement one strategy versus another (i.e. the nurturing of the seeds). As you move towards a successful negotiation outcome, you have to determine what you want to occur after the negotiation (planting future seeds). Thus, the better you nurture the existing negotiation process, based on how you utilize your seeds, you detail the negotiation’s flow and outcome.



Remember, you’re always negotiating!


Greg Williams,

The Master Negotiator &

Body Language Expert






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