Mastering the Art of Success


Every chapter in this book is like a mini coaching session that will help you achieve your personal and organizational goals. Get personal insights and tips on topics ranging from giving and receiving feedback to managing ADHD.

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In today’s business world, success is an art form. You must continue to broaden your knowledge base to keep up with the latest trends, strategies, and ideas to master the art of success.

You’ll discover how to create winning habits and acquire the vital skills and information you need to stay competitive. You’ll also get tips on how to turn your unproductive hours into time well spent.

Remember: you are the designer of your life. You have the power to unlock your potential. Mastering the Art of Success will show you how.

​Topics Include:

  • ​The Power of Ethical Influence
  • ​Find a Mentor and Believe in Your Dreams
  • ​Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
  • ​Confessions of an Olympian: Thriving Through Challenge and Success
  • ​Getting to the Heart of Success
  • ​What is Negotiations: How to Negotiate Like A Master
  • ​Stretch, Push Yourself, and Reach Further
  • ​Success Strategies: Ideas for Talent and Teams
  • ​Get Your Heart in the Game! Engagement is Emotional
  • ​Transition to Excellence and Master Your Own Success
  • ​The Life You Deserve
  • ​The Art of Mastering ADHD: How I Went From ADHD to a PHD, and How You Can Master Your ADHD, Too
  • ​Overcoming Under-leading: Essential Strategies for Growing Your Business One Great Employee at a Time
  • ​Your Journey to Greater Success


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