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“Never assume because you have little that you can’t have less.” -Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert (click to Tweet)

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“Seven Quick And Easy Tips To Boost Your Negotiations”

People don’t realize they’re always negotiating.

The first negotiator asked, “To what depths does one have to explore before they realize their deepest point is yet to come?” That’s when the negotiation took a turn towards the cliffs of negotiation hell. As it plunged, the second negotiator said, “If you think I’m going to purgatory with you, you’d better think again.” With that, the two negotiators decided to conclude the negotiation. The thought by both was, there’s nothing to gain by continuing. 

How many times have your negotiations gone wrong? Some, you may not have noticed until afterward, you realized you’d had foreboding sensations. There are ways to boost your negotiation efforts. The following are seven quick and easy ways to accomplish that.  

1. Positioning

Every day, you position yourself per how others perceive you. And the way others perceive you in a negotiation determines how they’ll interact with you. Good negotiators always position their offers before the negotiation. They do so to have them received in the best light. If you wish to boost your negotiation efforts, I suggest you take the time to position yourself and your offers, too.

2. Timing

The seller made a massive mistake by not offering his best deal when the prospect was at a point that he could have been closed.  

Timing of offers and counter-proposals impacts any engagement, especially during a negotiation. If a negotiator extends a particular proposition too soon, he might leave something on the table. If extended too late, he may lose the deal altogether. So, how might a negotiator better improve his offers?

  • Look for agreement – That can be in the form of the other person adopting the same rhetoric as yours. In essence, they begin to mirror your sentiments.
  • Observe body language and other nonverbal cues – Such signals can appear as the other person drawing closer, matching your body gestures, and adopting a pleasant demeanor. 

When considering the timing of your offers, start with a proposition that’s appealing and note the effect it has. Note: This is not your best offer. To determine its impact, ask your counterpart if they believe it gets the negotiation closer to closure. What you’re doing is continuously probing to uncover any hidden obstacles that might derail the discussion. Continue that process until you sense the timing is right to close.

3. Barriers

Beware of impediments, real or imagined, that surround your negotiation. It’s even more imperative that you’re mindful of false barriers. Barriers such as deadlines, or take-it-or-leave-it offers, can have a profound impact on the discussions. It’s advisable to consider what might prohibit the negotiation from advancing during different stages in the talks’ planning stage. Doing so will allow you to be better prepared for such barriers and boost your engagement level.  

4. Triggers

Always be aware of what triggers actions or lack of movement. Someone’s trigger can occur by a word spoken, a picture, or a phrase. Thus, you should always be aware of what to avoid and what to include when making offers. Doing so will boost your negotiation efforts towards a more enjoyable process and outcome.  

5. Perspective

Be willing to look at situations from different points of view. And while maintaining an open mind, consider how you might alter your perspective to make it serve you better. In some cases, an old perception about something similar may not aid you in your present situation.

By maintaining control of your perspective, you control the actions occurring during the negotiation. Also, when you find yourself dithering about how you perceive situations, consider the source. Question the thoughts that may trigger you from past negotiations. After all, someone can’t understand the present if their past deludes them. The point is, think about the way you’re thinking and identify why you’re doing so.

6. Thought Control

Your greatest weapon and ally in your negotiation and life is your mind. And the most integral part of your mind is your thought process. The way you think determines your actions. Don’t allow a clouded mind to take you on a flight of fancy that’s unrealistic.

To enhance your negotiation process, stay grounded in the reality of reality. If you have doubts about an offer extended or suspect the other negotiator has doubts, clarify the understanding to ensure both of you have the same perspective about what you’re discussing.

7. Leaving

Know when to go! Along with the timing of your offers, it’s essential to know when to exit a negotiation. To gain that insight, create mile markers that indicate where you are in the talks per where you expected to be. The purpose of doing so is to track the progress you’re making.

At some point, if you’re too far from your set markers, and you don’t think you can achieve them, consider exiting the negotiation. It doesn’t have to be a permanent exit. But it would help if you left the current environment. The reason being, the longer you’re engaged, the more likely you are to make unnecessary concessions.


I started these insights with my quote. “Never assume because you have little that you can’t have less.”  In a negotiation, you can go from little gains to none at all.

Most negotiations never go 100% as expected. Sometimes you’re pleasantly surprised by your good fortunes. And at other times, you may curse the devil for your interpretation of his intervention in the negotiation. Nevertheless, by keeping in mind the seven easy tips mentioned to boost your negotiations, you’ll continuously confound devilish negotiation situations. And everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you’re always negotiating!

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