Sunday Negotiation Insight “You Have Value”



“Sunday Negotiation Insight”


Value is perceptional. So, to the degree you sense value, value is present. To the degree value is not sensed, it’s absent. Always seek to have others sense your value, at a minimum, for the value it contains.” –Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert


You Have Value


“You Have Value”


Everybody has value, and you do too! So, what’s your sense of value and what’s your sense of self-value? Somewhere between your sense of value and perspective of self-value lies the mindset you possess of how you see yourself and the environment you’re in.

The point is, when you’re in an environment that doesn’t appreciate the value you possess, change the perspective of those in the environment, or change the environment you’re in. You should never waste your time, and that’s what it is … a waste of time, staying where you’re not appreciated for the value you possess.

Some people stay in non-nurturing environments, while consistently adding value to the environment and not getting a return on the value they give because they have a low value for their self-value.  Unbeknownst to them, that drains their perspective and their sense of self-value. They find, the more they give, the less they get; that’s a formula for a slow and painful demise. Is that you?

If that’s you, wake up and smell the coffee (i.e. start doing something differently than what you’re doing). If it’s not you, consider what you can do to increase your self-value as the result of being viewed as more valuable.

Again, the point is, the more valuable you’re perceived to be, the more you’ll see yourself as being valuable. That will increase your perspective of your self-value, which will serve as an ever increasing upward draft upon which you’ll continuously become more valuable to yourself and others.


What does this have to do with negotiations?


Negotiations are all about value. The person that appears to have the most desired offering for which you’re negotiating and the one that needs the deal the least, is the person that’s usually seen as more valuable. Thus, in a negotiation, until you have increased the perspective of the value you’re offering, you’re in less than a valuable space in the negotiation. Therefore, it’s incumbent upon you to always seek to be perceived as possessing value and when such cannot be accomplished to the degree that doing so benefits you, that’s the time to consider withdrawing from the negotiation. If you adhere to such suggestions, you’ll come out further than you otherwise would have in your future negotiations … and everything will be right with the world.


Remember, you’re always negotiating!





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