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“Negotiate and Gain Powerful Edge With Right Mindset”

    When you negotiate, how powerful are you? Do you note your mindset and use it to gain an edge during a negotiation? If you don’t possess the correct mindset you lessen the chance for a winning negotiation outcome.     Manage Emotional State: When you’re upset, stressed, or tired your mind does not function […]

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Psychology Behind Winning Negotiations

    What’s your mental mindset when you enter into a negotiation? Are you fraught with apprehension, imagining the gloom and doom that awaits you? If so, you’ve placed yourself at a psychological disadvantage before you really get down to negotiating. From a psychological perspective, that makes you ripe for the proverbial picking.   Before

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Negotiation Heated Defuse Emotions

(See special offer at end.)     Have you ever blown a negotiation because things got so heated that the other negotiator spited his proverbial nose to save his face and became immobile? During such times, were you unable to defuse the level of emotions to keep the negotiation from becoming even more heated? .When

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