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“You’re Not Broken”

  “Sunday Negotiation Insight”     Have you ever felt besieged by doubt, a lack of self-worth, a sense that you’re not where you’d like to be? Hopefully you have, because if you haven’t, you haven’t tried to grow hard enough. You’ve been stuck in a comfort zone. Not until you feel broken do you […]

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“Negotiation Psychology Paradigms: Mind Your Mind”

    “Negotiation Psychology Paradigms: Mind Your Mind” To view more insight about disgust, click here! In a negotiation, psychologically, negotiators strive to alter the paradigm of the other negotiator. They attempt to do so for obvious reasons; they want the best deal they can get, and thus they attempt to shift the mental perception

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“Negotiation Risk Aversion Can Be Costing You Opportunities”

      To what degree are you risk adverse and what’s the cost for being so? You’ve more than likely heard the cliché, “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. That’s true, but what guidelines should you consider when assessing how much risk you should incur? The following suggestions will help you make that determination in your

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Negotiation Heated Defuse Emotions

(See special offer at end.)     Have you ever blown a negotiation because things got so heated that the other negotiator spited his proverbial nose to save his face and became immobile? During such times, were you unable to defuse the level of emotions to keep the negotiation from becoming even more heated? .When

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