negotiation motivation

“Negotiation Motivation/Observation”

In a negotiation, you must be aware of what motivates you to adopt certain actions during the negotiation, and you must be observant of the opposing negotiator’s body language.          

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“Challenges Are Growth Opportunities – Keep Rising!”

  “Sunday Negotiation Insight” “Challenges Are Growth Opportunities – Keep Rising!”   Are you feeling challenged by life? Are you combating too much (i.e. debt, doubt, disillusionment) in your life? When I was younger, I lamented when confronted by challenging times; even now they’re not comfortable. As I became older, I learned to appreciate such

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Complacency Affliction

    “Sunday Negotiation Insight”     “Complacency Affliction”   Are you afflicted by complacency? Complacency allows one to rest, but resting too long can cause one to lose one’s sense of purpose. When you’ve achieved goals, enjoy them, celebrate them, and then use them to spur you onward and upward. If you never attempt

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“The Value of ‘Value Perception’ in Negotiations”

  Recently I delivered a presentation on negotiation strategies at a conference for a worldwide organization. The hotel in which the organization booked my sleeping arrangements was very nice. I was really impressed by the accommodations and the special treatment I received from the hotel staff. I had a high value perception of the hotel.

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