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Negotiation Infographic Tip   I want wealth! If you want to acquire wealth and yet you won’t pick up a penny, how badly do you want to acquire wealth? In a negotiation, always consider what it means to come out ahead; therein will lie your wealth. The right mindset would pick up a penny. That’s […]

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“You, Your Best Life, Your Happy Place”

    “Sunday Negotiation Insight”   “You, Your Best Life, Your Happy Place”   What makes you happy, or to put it another way, what does it take for you to be in your happy place? When people are asked that question the response is usually infused with gushing adjectives that describe what they envision

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Body Language & Negotiations – Eyes or Ears

  Have you ever considered what senses you employ when making decisions and how those decisions are influenced by the environment that surrounds them?  To the degree you heighten your awareness to such senses, you’ll be better positioned to make decisions, read body language more accurately, and negotiate better in every situation you encounter. .  

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“Negotiation Perspective Reality” – Negotiation Infographic Tip

  The way you look at a situation determines what you’ll see and how you’ll interpret it. The way you interpret it will determine the actions you engage in. When negotiating, consider the different perspectives from which an offer/counteroffer is made and how you might respond. Then look at it from a different vantage point

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“You’re Not Broken”

  “Sunday Negotiation Insight”     Have you ever felt besieged by doubt, a lack of self-worth, a sense that you’re not where you’d like to be? Hopefully you have, because if you haven’t, you haven’t tried to grow hard enough. You’ve been stuck in a comfort zone. Not until you feel broken do you

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  “Sunday Negotiation Insight” “Transcendence”   Where you are is not where you’ll be, but where you’ve been impacts where you’re going. As we go through life we grow in life; some do so faster than others. To the degree you want to go further, put a plan in place to do so. The plan

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“Negotiating Out Of Fear – To Be Or Not To Be … Fearful”

    When you negotiate out of fear, are you aware that doing so can lead to more fear? There are times when you should be fearful during a negotiation (e.g. not planning appropriately and losing the negotiation because you’re negotiating from a weak position). If you’ve planned appropriately and have backups in place to

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“Life’s Perspectives and Contrasts”

      Life is a matter of perspectives and contrasts and everything happens for a reason … at least it does if you believe that to be true. If you subscribe to that theory, why not look at what occurs in your life from a positive perspective? If you look deeply enough, there’ll be

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“Negotiate Like a Winner Control Mind Manipulation Perspective”

    Have you ever considered, who controls your mind in a negotiation? That question may not be as mundane as it appears. In a negotiation, there are subliminal stimuli that motivate you to adopt one action versus another. To the degree you’re cognizant of them, you understand the source of your motivation. To the

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