How to perceive micro expressions

To Negotiate Effectively Perceive Micro Expressions

When negotiating, in business or in your personal life, do you miss micro expressions? Micro expressions are actions that last between 1/25 of a second and 1 second; they’re actions unfiltered by the thought process of the mind. Knowing how to detect and perceive micro expressions, allows greater insight into someone’s mind.

If you wish to increase your negotiation advantages and heighten your awareness of the value contained in micro expressions, consider the following information.

Detecting Micro Expressions: During a negotiation, in order to perceive micro expressions, you must be attuned to the actions of the other negotiator. Thus, you must pay very close attention to his body language. The expressions he displays will give insight into the true feelings he possesses at any given point in the negotiation.

What to look for: In order to gain the most beneficial insight from micro expressions, observe gestures made by the other negotiator’s head, eyes, mouth, and feet. Each gesture can disclose a mindset different from what is expressed.

Head: Head movements can be perplexing to decipher. In detecting micro expressions with head movements, observe if the other negotiator constantly tilts his head from one side to the other. Such actions will indicate the fact that he’s weighing the thoughts that you’ve presented and is in a hurry to get through what’s being discussed.

Eyes: Take note of sudden blinking and roaming of the eyes. Such actions denote an inner searching for a course of action. The closing of the eyes for several moments indicate that the other negotiator doesn’t believe what he’s hearing and/or seeing.

Mouth: Quivers can occur in the area of the mouth with the lips. Such actions indicate a degree of stress and the fact that the other negotiator may be trying not to divulge what’s really on his mind.

Feet: The flexing of one foot, pointed in a direction away from you, can be a micro expressed insight into one’s mindset that indicates he’s displeased with what you’ve proposed. Once you sense such an action, confirm your perspective perception to insure the two of you are still on the same page.

Any negotiation can be froth with obstacles that challenge your mental capacity to remain sane. Above are just a few of the body language clues you’ll gain insight from, as the result of observing micro expressions. By incorporating the value of micro expressions into your negotiation repertoire, you’ll enhance your negotiation efforts … and everything will be right with the world. Remember, you’re always negotiating.

The Negotiation Tips Are …

  • When observing micro expressions during a negotiation, such expressions are forthright. That’s due to the fact that micro expressions are actions not filtered by the mind, before an action is committed.
  • An additional benefit of being able to detect micro expressions is the value they add to your personal life.
  • By being able to detect micro expressions, you’ll be able to sense when someone is generating a genuine reservoir of good will towards you.
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