To Win Negotiations Consider Exclusivity

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 When negotiating, what strategies do you employ? In the appropriate situation, do you vie for exclusivity in your negotiations? Negotiating in an exclusive manner isolates you from others that might be competitors.  Thus, negotiating in an exclusive mode is a powerful negotiation tactic.

This Negotiation Tip highlights a tactic that you can use to exclude others from a negotiation and from negotiating against you.

The Environment For Exclusivity To Work:

In order for the exclusive negotiation tactic to work, the other negotiator has to be in a position where he needs what you have and is 100% sure you can deliver upon that need, quickly. There has to be a time constraint factor attached to your offer that leaves the other negotiator with few options to consult with others about your offer (i.e. you don’t want another source to be able to make a counteroffer).

The Set Up:

The attempt to effect this tactic can occur prior to and/or during a negotiation. To position yourself correctly, observe the other negotiator’s negotiation efforts to conclude a deal. In general, the more information you have about the party with whom you’re negotiating, the better your position. In this case, the more information you have, the more your position improves, significantly!

Timing And Presenting Of The Exclusive Offer:

In order for this tactic to be effective, its delivery (offer) must be timed to coincide with an almost desperation mindset of the other negotiator. Your offer should be prefaced with a statement such as, “if I agree to accept your offer, will you accept mine without any counteroffers or offers from others?” If the reply is yes, you’ve accomplished the proper positioning for this tactic to work. Then, depending on the offer made by the other negotiator, you can accept or decline it. In either case, you’ve eliminated other negotiators from participating in the process.

Potential Problems:

In order for the exclusivity tactic to work, you must set your offer up so it prevents others from negotiating against you. Such efforts may require patients, proper timing, and a sense of desperation in the mindset of the other negotiator. If any of these factors are out of alignment, your chances of successfully implementing this tactic will be greatly diminished.

One way to insure you win more negotiations is to exclude those that would negotiate against you. If you want to win more negotiations, utilize the exclusivity tactic in your negotiation efforts. You’ll be rewarded with more winning negotiation outcomes … and everything will be right with the world. Remember, you’re always negotiating.

The Negotiation Tips Are

  • Never be overly greedy when negotiating. Even when you’re able to exclude others from negotiating against you, make sure the other negotiator is very satisfied with the deal.
  • Exclusivity is a powerful negotiation tool. Seek its use when possible to improve your negotiation outcomes.
  • By observing the body language of the other negotiator and interpreting it accurately, you can gain insight into his mindset. By utilizing that factor, you can perfect the timing of your exclusive offer.
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