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“Sunday Negotiation Insight”

“Control is perceptional and it’s in degrees. So, whether you think you have it or not, you’re right. Thus, it’s the degree of control you have in any situation that you should focus on.” –Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert 


“Who’s Controlling Your World”


What world are you in and who’s controlling it?

Depending on the environment we’re in, we find ourselves occupying different positions, which are based on the perceived value we have in that environment. As such we should always be mindful as to what the environment is that we place ourselves in and who is the main controller of that environment. In some cases, it behooves us to move to another environment if our value is not being perceived per the value it contains.

When you feel a lack of fulfillment due to a sense that you’re not growing or being recognized for the value you’re adding, ask yourself, whose world are you in, and is it time to create a world in which you control. That self-reflection will give you insight into the direction you should take.

Control is something that we all seek to a degree. We may not want it at times, but if we choose to relinquish it, we’re in control to do so. Thus, we’re still seeking to control our environment.


What does this have to do with negotiations?


Negotiations are all about control! We attempt to project the perceived benefits of our offerings to the other negotiator, while she attempts to do the same to us. In the exchange of ideas is the rider of control.

When you find yourself in a negotiation and you sense a lack of control, consider how you can alter your perspective and that of the other negotiator to gain more control (this is something you should have thought about in the planning stage of the negotiation). Such alteration might come in the form of a concession or other thought-provoking actions that shift the flow of the negotiation.

The point is, realize that everyone seeks some form of control in their life and in a negotiation. Thus, when you’re mindful of how the perception of who’s in control influences a negotiation, you can direct the flow of it more efficiently … and everything will be right with the world.


Remember, you’re always negotiating.



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