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“If you want to stand out, don’t stand in a crowd.” -Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert



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“Your Uniqueness – It’s Not Just Coffee”

How do you separate yourself from the masses? Are you someone that glides in the strides of the crowd and then wonder why others don’t recognize your uniqueness?


It’s Not Just Coffee:

People lined up for miles to get their car washed. Most didn’t grumble because they knew they’d get a cup or two of that delicious coffee. It was a special blend that wasn’t served anywhere else and it was free. It was more than just coffee; some said it was a slice of heaven. Patrons told the owner, they didn’t really come for the car wash, they came for the coffee. The coffee was the establishment’s uniqueness. What’s your uniqueness?


Your Uniqueness:

As shown through your fingerprints, you have uniqueness in you. Some people are afraid to display their uniqueness for fear of how others might judge them. Some don’t even recognize that they possess traits that would endear them to others.

By not embracing and using the uniqueness that was bestowed upon you, you’re shortchanging yourself and those that might benefit from your gifts. If it’s fear that’s stopping you from displaying the inner person that you’ve incarcerated, what are you fearful of? Even if others should mock you, their mockery does not have to become your reality. Even if others reject you, you do not have to reject yourself.


Your Mind:

Everyone wants to be liked and appreciated. That desire is what keeps some people in society’s zone of safety. It becomes the self-imposed boundaries that surround their mind. It keeps them grounded when they could be soaring high in the sky.

Embrace the endowments that have been bestowed upon you. They’re gifts from a higher source. Shrink not from ‘the bigger you’. Allow it to escape from the small façade in which it currently resides. You’ve already outgrown that space.


Fear Not:

Fear not your greatness. It’s waiting to be exposed. Once you release it, you’ll find a greater life, more self-fulfillment, and a higher sense of purpose awaits you. Once you break the shackles that restrain you from a higher calling, you will embolden your uniqueness. Then, you’ll take the form that you were destined to be … and everything will be right with the world.


What does this have to do with negotiations?


In a negotiation, a negotiator’s fears can be sensed. When he holds back an offer that stems from a lack of self-assuredness, doubt, or courage, he displays the lack of commitment he has for the offer. That can leave him in a precarious negotiation position. That can become an extremely difficult position from which to free himself.

During a negotiation, your uniqueness signals that you’re a negotiator that knows how to negotiate effectively or one that diddle-daddles. Your persona and reputation are at stake. How do you want them to precede you in your next negotiation? Will it be one that people speak of as being unique or will they say, “yeah, he’s just like coffee – you can find what he’s offering everywhere.” It’s your call. Make it a unique one.


Remember, you’re always negotiating!


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