“Difficulty/Easy Life and Negotiations”



Difficulty Life Negotiation Easy 


You determine the path you’ll take in life and in negotiations.

Choose wisely!


Things become easier once they’re no longer difficult. That’s a truism by definition. That’s to say, life is as difficult as you make it or make it seem.

Once you determine that it’s not difficult, it becomes easy. The point is, not only are you the one assessing the level of difficulty, you’re also the one determining the degree of such. Based on that assessment, you experience joy or dread.

Here’s the catch. When assessing a future activity, no one knows with 100% assuredness what the outcome of that activity will be. Thus, psychologically, we assign a level of difficulty or easiness to a task, which then plays on our psyche as to how and when we’ll address it.

If you want to be more successful in life, be more positive about how you look at and address life’s activities. OK. Let’s stop! Some reading this article will say, here we go again with that woo, woo stuff (i.e. mental witchcraft). I was once a member of your tribe.

When I took mental note of the perspective I had about the difficulty or ease of an activity and the effort I put forth to address it, I discovered my mindset determined how quickly or not that I addressed it. Thus, I’ve been where you are. Therefore, I suggest you try shifting your mind by focusing on the positive aspects of your activities and note the difference in your perspective per how you address those activities. In noting your shifting mindset, you’ll note a new tool you can use to enhance your future outlooks … and everything will be right with the world.


What does this have to do with negotiations?

During the course of a negotiation, they’ll be times when you’re negotiation efforts won’t deliver the expected outcome sought. They’ll be times when no matter what strategy you attempt to implore, it won’t appear to work. It’s during these times that you must not feel downtrodden. It’s during such times that you must focus on the positive aspects of what you’ve gained in the negotiation to shift your mindset. Shift your mindset to a positive aspect to allow your efforts to become laser focused on other positive aspects from which you can enhance the negotiation. It may not be easy to do so, but through diligent efforts to focus on the positive aspects you’ll increase your negotiation win rates … and everything will be right with the world.


Remember, you’re always negotiating!


Greg Williams,

The Master Negotiator &

Body Language Expert






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