“To Be More Effective Watch How You Talk To People” – Negotiation Infographic Tip

When communicating, one must always be mindful of how a message is being sent and how it’s being received; miscommunication can occur simply because the words used to carry a message casts an altered meaning as perceived by the receiver of the message. Combine the effect that one’s body language adds to the communication process and it becomes very easy to see how one’s body language becomes a rider of one’s words, which can also alter the intent the words were meant to convey.

In order to communicate more effectively, always strive to have your words and body language aligned. Doing so will lessen the possibility of having your message conveyed succinctly. To heighten your communications, choose your word choices carefully, too.

Take note of this week’s negotiation infographic tip for more insights.


To Be More Effective Watch How You Talk To People


Remember, you’re always negotiating!


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